Friday 14 April 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Joy!! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Before I tell you about my week I just want to take a moment to think of Jessica! Jessica was the daughter of Louise who blogs at Little Hearts, Big Love and today marks 5 years since she passed away. Jessica is someone that I will never forget, her smile was infectious and she was always the happiest girl despite her health problems. She was a real inspiration to me and many others. Louise was the first blogger who I came across who blogged about heart defects, she gave me the confidence to write about my girls hearts on my blog and raise awareness about heart defects. Louise once said "Jessica spread so much joy in her short life that her godmother once referred to her as a “joy carrier”. Every year since Louise has encouraged everyone to mark the day by doing something positive and bringing joy to someone's life.

I thought Joy was the perfect word for this week. Remembering Jessica and because we have had a pretty joyful week too. There has been a lot of little moments which have made us smile.

The weather was nice over the Easter weekend and we got a lot of jobs done around the house and garden. Stu put the sealant in the bathroom which needed doing, he tidied the garage up and I got the planters at the front of the house weeded and we had a walk to the farm shop to buy some bedding plants. I do love that place. The fruit and veg is amazing but I love all of the chutneys and pickles.

We have ate so much chocolate, Easter eggs are the best type of chocolate and Ellie and I have had a little lie ins most days. We seem to have been sleeping later and later as the week has gone on. I have been mixed up with what day it is. We had 4 days over Easter feeling like a Sunday and as I am writing this I am convinced it's Wednesday. I won't get back on track for a while yet as Ellie has a teachers training day next week and doesn't go back to school until Tuesday.

Ellie and I went to Hull on Tuesday for a bit of shopping, I needed to get my dad's partner a birthday present and we could have gone to Scunthorpe which was closer but the buses still only cost £2 for a single journey so we thought we'd go that bit further and treat ourselves to a McDonalds. Ellie bought herself a few more dresses and I even treated myself to a couple of tops for the summer.

On Wednesday Becky finished her night shift at 8am and was up by midday, she wanted to come with Ellie and me to see my dad. It was nice for my dad, he doesn't get to see both of the girls at the same time often. It was nice of Becky to make the effort, when we got home she of course went back to bed for a nap. hehehe

Yesterday felt like the first day that I had to relax and do nothing. Nothing as in not go anywhere, I still had the house to tidy and the cleaning to catch up on but it was nice to take it all at my own pace. Becky was out with her friends and Ellie was doing her own thing.

How has your week been?

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  1. Joy is the perfect word for your week! We had spring break and absolutely beautiful weather (weirdly hot actually but I'm not complaining!!). We managed a few hikes and a trip to the zoo so it was a lot of fun.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic week! It's so lovely to have days when you don't have the pressure of having to do anything. I have one more week like that and I am just loving being home (even though my cold has now turned into a sinus infection) Anyway it's great that you and the girls got to see your dad, do a bit of shopping and enjoy the Easter chocolate. We are still enjoying ours too!

  3. Thank you so much Kim for remembering Jessica and choosing joy as your word of the week. It means so much to know that you will never forget Jessica. I’m glad you had a joyful week with lots of things to make you smile. Lovely to get things done around the house and Easter chocolate is always good! Sounds like you and Ellie had a lovely shopping trip and how lovely for your dad to see both your girls. Lovely to have a day to relax for yourself too x #WotW

  4. A lovely tribute to Jessica. It sounds like you had a great week, nice and peaceful. I don't envy Becky working nights at all #WotW