Wednesday 5 April 2023

10 Easter Eggs that I want.

Easter is coming up and for my family it is all about the chocolate. I bought our Easter Eggs a couple of weeks ago. A Galaxy Ripple each for Becky and I, a Salted Caramel M&M's one for Ellie and a Twirl one for Stu. I think I got them when they were 2 for £8.

Chocolate Easter bunny

Even though we have our Easter eggs it hasn't stopped me looking at other one's a few of the more expensive and fancier one's. I was looking at the really fancy shops like Fortnum & Mason and Harrods and the prices, wow! Some were over £50 just for a chocolate egg, they were pretty but I couldn't pay that type of money for something I was just going to eat. I bet the chocolate would be so fancy that I wouldn't even like it. hehehe

These are some of the best that I have found which are more to my taste!

Easter eggs
Easter eggs

M&S White Chocolate Hedwig - £9.00
Sainsbury's Sticky Toffee Chocolate Easter Egg - £8.00
BAILEYS Easter Sundae chocolate egg - Amazon - £17.00
Extra Thick You Crack Me Up Easter Egg - Hotel Chocolat - £30.00
Toblerone The Edgy Egg Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Tesco - £12.00

Yummy Easter eggs

Popping Candy Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Aldi - £3.49
Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Easter Egg - Asda - £12.00
Lindt Milk Chocolate Egg With Lindor Milk Truffles - Tesco - £15.00
M&S Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Bun Egg - £6.00
After Eight Dark Mint Chocolate Premium Easter Egg - Iceland - £8.00

I think my favourite one's have to be the one's from M&S. The Hedwig one and the hot cross bun one. They are something a bit different for Easter than the normal chocolate eggs.

What Easter egg would you choose for yourself?


  1. That Hedwig one is so neat and I bet that Bailey's one tastes delicious.

  2. I love Hedwig but totally missed the Harry Potter link when seeing the owl at first. I was wondering why an owl at Easter?

  3. I saw that hot cross bun egg in M&S. It's so cute! It's not vegan, so I didn't buy it, but I think it looks great.

  4. The You Crack Me Up egg is cute but what a big price tag. I wonder if they get marked down after Easter?

  5. thisiswhereitisat7 April 2023 at 16:47

    My husband bought himself that sticky toffee pudding can't wait try a bit of it X