Tuesday 25 April 2023

Preparing for the GCSE exams. The stationery!

The GCSE exams will be starting next month. Eek! It's going to be Ellie's time to shine and we think she's ready for them. Even more so after getting lots of information about them while we were at parents evening last month. 

I thought my days of buying school stationery was over until I saw the list of things that Ellie needs for her exams.

Exam stationery

Two Pens (black) - There is a rule about writing in black pen and the pens are not allowed to be the clicky one's. I don't know if it's just our school that have this rule but it does make sense, the clicking could be very off putting. 
Two pencils.
A 30cm ruler.
An eraser. 
A protractor.
A scientific calculator which is just a scientific calculator with no added extras that pupils can use to their advantage.

Everything has to be put into a clear pencil case and I was chuffed to find a long one in Tesco which actually fits the 30cm ruler.

Highlighters can be used to highlight questions but not the answers which is good because Ellie has learned to highlight the key points from the questions and focus on them, especially in maths. It's easier to focus on the numbers instead of the little stories which go with them.

All I have left to get Ellie is a clear bottle, they are allowed water in the exams as long as they are in clear bottles. All the bottles we have are coloured, I am sure I'll find a reusable one but failing that we will just have to buy bottled water.

Obviously Mobile phones are not allowed in the exams but smart watches are on the disallowed list too which I hadn't even thought of. Ellie has a basic smart watch which doesn't receive messages or anything fancy like that but I am going to make sure that she just leaves it at home when she's doing her exams.

I didn't know until recently that if a teenager misses an exam there is a charge for it ranging from £42.00 for science subject all the way up to £70 for Performing Arts. Eek! Ellie has told me a story that her teacher told her class to encourage them not to miss an exam. Apparently a student had a serious operation and left his hospital bed to go to school and do the exam. I think it could just be one of those stories that teachers tell like the boy who swung on his chair, fell and cracked his head open. 

Are your teenagers ready for their exams?


  1. My son is sitting a GSCE this summer and I was really surprised to find that they are allowed water bottles, I'm sure that we weren't when I was doing them! I didn't think about the clicky pens, I'll have to make sure that he has some quieter ones. Best of luck to Ellie!

  2. Wow; that is quite a list of supplies! Best of luck to Ellie!!

  3. As a teaching assistant in a primary school I can assure you that the rocking on a chair, falling off and cracking your head open is not just a story to frighten children it really does happen. Wishing Ellie all the best with her exams.

  4. We had a parentmail the other day reminding us of the stationery they need. Mocks still here but part 1 GCSEs are June. If someone could remind Carys of that.