Saturday 29 April 2023

A photo every day for a year! 22nd - 28th April. Week 17 of #Project365

I have had a nice week, it has been a normal one with not much going on which is good because we have a busy couple of months coming up with the GCSE's starting soon. I have been out in the garden a lot, well as much as I have been able to with all of the rain. I keep telling myself it's just April showers, surely May has to be dryer and warmer. We had a couple of warm days a couple of weeks ago and I thought we won't have to put the heating on again this year, I was wrong. As I am writing this I have my little oil heater on. It's so cold.

Do you have anything planned for the bank holiday weekend? We have no plans at all, I am looking forward to some family time and maybe going to the pub on Monday, our local one has a family day on.

Now for a photo every day!

Flower and bubble bath
Breakfast and watering cans
Greys Anatomy
Sainsbury's vouchers and flowers

112/365 - 22nd April
There was a random plant in my garden which I shared a couple of weeks ago and it has started to bloom and the flowers are so pretty.

113/365 - 23rd April
I have been using Astonish cleaning products around the home for a couple of months now, they all smell so nice and are a decent price. I was surprised to see they now do bath products too. I bought a bottle of the bath soak and it is OK. It smells nice and leaves my skin feeling good but doesn't create enough bubbles.

114/365 - 24th April
Stu and I were going to go out for lunch but we were ready early and saw that it was going to rain in the afternoon so we went out for breakfast to our favourite little cafe. 

115/365 - 25th April
A few weeks ago I couldn't find a watering can and was just using a jug to water my plants, I knew one would turn up eventually. It turns out 3 turned up! 

116/365 - 26th April
I am so close to finishing rewatching Grey's Anatomy and I have most of the latest season to watch!

117/365 - 27th April
I got the weekly shop with Sainsbury's and checked my emails before I ordered and I am glad I did. I found a voucher code for £15 off and free delivery.

118/365 - 28th April
With the £15 off I treated myself to a bunch of flowers. I was not impressed. They were nothing like the picture on the Sainsbury's website. I felt very ripped off so I have complained.

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  1. I can't get my relaxing redox to bubble. The only way I can get bubbles is with the Lush bubble bars, they're pricey but amazing. Oh dear the flowers do look rather drab, hope you get somewhere with your complaint.

  2. We don't have anything planned. We are just enjoying having some time to chill out.
    I've never watched any of the Grey's Anatomy series! I think I'm going to add it to our list.
    Yay for the £15 shopping voucher and free delivery. It's nice when you get a bit of a discount isn't it?!
    Shame about your flowers though. I see what you mean, the picture is very misleading! xx

  3. Oh that is a shabby looking bunch of flowers for that price. My watering can disappeared- I'm presuming one of the dogs dragged it off, or my father in law's 'borrowed' it

  4. Grey's Anatomy was nice when I saw it, I'm not sure I would watch it again. Astonish is a fab brand for cleaning, I agree. It's my go-to brand as well. I had no idea about the bath soak, but I like showers, so I'm not going to try that.
    The flowers seem overpriced. I prefer to buy flowers in shop, a couple of individual flower bouquets and mix them at home, using a couple of vases. With online shopping, it can be quite a mix bag unfortunately.

  5. I picked out my own flowers at the grocery store this week and I was disappointed in them too; some of the flowers were broken and others were just weirdly cut and shoved into the arrangement to look good; until I tried to move it over into a vase!

  6. That flower is pretty. Lovely to go out for breakfast. I do love a cooked breakfast. Nice to have an unexpected money-off voucher on your shopping. Shame that the flowers weren’t as expected though. #project365

  7. Oh I didn't realise Astonish do bath products either! I have never watched an episode of Greys Anatomy...keep meaning to!

  8. That was me with the anon comment again!

  9. Sorry you were disappointed with the flowers. Not been as warm in May as you'd hoped I think! #project365

  10. Sorry its a bit late! Where does the time go. My eldest had his GCSE's this year too! Wishing the best of luck to your daughter and my son for results day in August. I love the Astonish handwash, will have to check out the rest of the range. I don't blame you for complaining if they didn't look like they seemed on the website. Hope they got back to you.