Friday 21 April 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Shock! #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:


We have had quite a nice, quiet week with a few shocks along the way. The sun has been shining all week and I have been in such a good mood even with the little shocks that we have had.

On Monday we went for a family day out to Hull. We only ever go during the school holidays so with most of the kids back at school and Ellie having a bonus teachers training day we thought it would be quite, especially in our usual all you can eat place but it was busier than I've ever seen it. I was quite shocked. I am guessing the parents were celebrating surviving the Easter holidays once their kids had gone back to school. hehehe

Ellie went back to school on Tuesday and I had a bit of a shock to get a phone call from her head of year. Ellie got herself involved in a little bit of drama online during the Easter holidays with some of her friends and the teacher wanted to let me know what had been going on. It's all OK and it has all been dealt with.

The gas engineer came on Tuesday and it was a new one and he said he was here to change our smart meters, I asked him if he was sure and explained what had gone on. He said he didn't have a boss with him so he would change the electric one too even though British Gas have repeatedly told me it doesn't need doing. It came as a bit of a shock but it's done now and I am so glad that ordeal is over. Now I have a shiny new Smart Meter thingy in the house telling me how much gas & electric we are using in real time. When it's just Becky and me in we use about 6 pence an hour but when Stu and Ellie come in it jumps up to about 24 pence an hour. I didn't expect it to jump up that much, I am totally blaming their PC's.

Poor Becky had a bit of a shock on Wednesday. She was making her lunch and had opened a tin of beans and cut herself on the top. Eek! Her finger was bleeding quite a bit but the cut wasn't much more than a paper cut. I was chopping some veg, turned around and saw her sat on the floor, she said she felt dizzy and like she was going to faint. She lost all the colour in her face but was laughing about it. She had a little rest and got up. We are putting it down to her having a shock seeing the blood. Her finger was fine after she had slept for her night shift but she did put a new plaster on as she didn't want anything from work getting in it.

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one. 

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  1. I'm in shock too that they actually sorted your gas meter! Congrats 😊

  2. plenty of shocks this week. It's always a worry what our kids get up to online, I check up on my younger ones frequently but they seem very innocent, unless they are good at hiding stuff. I'm not good with blood either, it makes me feel faint. I'm glad you finally got your meters sorted out. xx

  3. Poor Beckie and her finger. Those kind of cuts can bleed more than you imagine, so I can understand her being shocked. I love going out on inset days, so far we've been lucky to have places to ourselves. Sounds a popular place to meet up. Glad you got your meters sorted out. We have something similar and it can be quite shocking when you realise how much we use. Showers are the big one for us.

  4. Oh my some proper shocks! Glad everything got sorted with Ellie and that Becky survived her encounter with the bean tin - they can be vicious! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  5. I'm glad that you finally got your smart meter sorted out! It's so interesting to see where the money is going! Poor Becky, I hate opening tins, I'm always worried that I'm going to cut myself.

  6. Nice catching up and seeing what my favourite bloggers are up to. Well done to you all for handling everything so well. The electric thing is a real shock though!

  7. Oh I hope Becky's finger is all better now. Little nicks can be the worst for bleeding.
    Yay for the meters! I bet you are glad they are out of the way now.
    It's good to hear that the online issue didn't get out of control. The internet can be such a worry when it comes to our kids. xx

  8. Glad that everything has been dealt with at school. I can imagine it was a shock to get a phone call from the head of year. Hooray for finally getting your smart meter sorted out. What a nightmare that it took so long to get that sorted. Poor Becky cutting her finger and getting a bit dizzy at the sight of blood. Hope it has healed up now. #WotW

  9. Totally get celebrating surviving any school holiday! Isn't online and the kids fun. We are going through things now that I didn't think would be an issue in primary school. I'm glad you got a call about it and it is sorted out. I'm glad you got the smart meters sorted. I find that the days Darren doesn't go to work are cheaper for us. He gets up very early and starts using everything! #WotW