Tuesday 29 November 2022

A brilliant birthday surprise.

I did mean to get this up and posted last week but never got a around to writing it. I had such a busy weekend for my birthday, then my actual birthday and by Tuesday I was exhausted. I went back to bed and then spent the rest of the day catching up on all the other blog things that I hadn't done over the previous days.

On Saturday the plan was to see the Christmas lights being switched on locally and then go with Stu and my girls for am early birthday meal out. We all dressed up a little and even the girls wore clothes which weren't tracksuits. hehehe That happened but with a big surprise. My friend who I haven't seen since we left Northumberland came for a visit and surprised me with her husband.

 Me and my fella

Stu and her had been conspiring and planning for about a month. lol I had no idea. She came up behind us when we were waiting for the Christmas lights to be switched on and I can't repeat what I said. There were quite a few swear words and then some happy tears. It was the best surprise. I stood there in shock, she was the last person that I expected to see.

We went to the local pub and had a fantastic meal and a few drinks. I thought the meals to start with were expensive but the food was so good and there was a lot of it. I had planned on taking lots of photos but never even got my phone out. We were just enjoying the moment. It was such a lovely evening, we talked and talked and had a good catch up. Then on Sunday she came for a look around our house and the town where we live. She also brought me some Pease Pudding, it's one thing we can't get in North Lincolnshire, I think it only exists in the North East. I have made home made before but it's not the same as proper Dicksons Pease Pudding.

pease pudding and snuddie

We went out for a Sunday lunch and after my friends had left my family said I could open a few of my presents. I got some new Harry Potter pj's and a giant snuddie, it is so cosy and I never wanted to take it off.

I said on Sunday night that I had the best birthday and it wasn't my actual birthday until Monday. lol

I had a little lie in on Monday morning and Tesco arrived with the shopping and my birthday cake. It wasn't the one I wanted but it was just as good. A Banoffee one. I opened some more of my presents and got some good one's. I think my favourites were the Grey's Anatomy t-shirt and the Churros maker. I can't wait to give that a try. I made time to watch the final ever episode of The Walking Dead before I ended up seeing any spoilers. I was happy with the ending and it is all set up now for the spin off shows.

presents and lunch out

When it was almost lunchtime Stu, Becky and me went to the pub. We had lunch there and of course stayed to watch the England world cup match. Didn't the lads do well, I hope they keep it up.

We managed to get home just as the rain started and goodness me it really came down. I got changed straight into my pj's, watched another football match and then it was time to order tea. As it was my birthday I chose an Indian takeaway, it was so good and even the girls enjoyed it. They were never a fan of Indian takeaways but not they love it. There was more football and of course cake.

I know I say it again and again, every year but it was the best birthday. I think the fact it lasted for a few days made it special. I feel so lucky that so many people wished me happy birthday, sent me gifts, came to visit me and made my day special.


  1. Happy birthday Kim! Sounds like it really was a fantastic one. It’s so nice that the celebrations were spread out over a few days and how special to be surprised by your friend.

  2. Sounds like a fab birthday, what a brilliant surprise xx

  3. That does sound like a super fantastic birthday weekend of celebrating!!

  4. A belated Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great time! :)

  5. Awww it sounds like you've been spoiled for your birthday. Well done to Stu for organising the surprise - how lovely. Belated birthday wishes xx