Thursday 17 November 2022

My favourite blog posts from my 9th year of blogging.

Yesterday my blog turned 10 years old. I know, where has the time gone. Each year I like to share my favourite blog post from the previous year and these are them. They may not be my most viewed posts but they are the one's that bring back happy memories and one's that I like the most. 

Birthday cupcakes

I blog daily so I have a lot of blog posts to choose from. These are my favourite blog posts, one per month from the last year:

I had a perfect birthday. I couldn't have asked for more, it wasn't a big birthday but it was special all of the same.

It sometimes feels like some of the magic has gone from the build up to Christmas but it really hasn't, it has just changed.

I set my goals for the year, it was a blog post that I had actually forgotten about until now. I think we are doing pretty well with them. There is just one we haven't done or are working on.

Stu and I really weren't going to do anything for Valentine's day but then ended up really treating ourselves to a meal at home, rainbow roses and an amazing afternoon tea.

I am still not over the fact that Neighbours has ended, it was such a good TV show. I am glad it had a good send off with a fantastic last week of episodes. It was nice to see all the old faces back.

Grr! This post makes me angry. I had my moment a couple of months later with the person who we thought was lying and it turns out they weren't. I was so wrong but the real liar was so convincing. All the lies came tumbling down around them and I am sure they are sorry but now they are out of our lives.

I still feel this way about Ellie's school and even more so since her last parents evening. They do everything they can and go above and beyond to help my girl and in fact any student.

I wanted to make Becky's last ever half term a memorable one and we were busy having days out and celebrating the Queens Jubilee so we were hardly eating at home so it was snacks and fun food all the way.

We don't have many days out with my dad but when we do they're always good one's. We had a day out at Fantasy Island a theme park and market near Skegness. The kids loved all of the rides and we will go again given the chance.

We finally caught it and thankfully were not too ill with it. These were some of the thoughts I had. I have one more thing to it, I don't feel the cold as much as I used to since I had the virus.

This was probably the only day I have enjoyed doing the housework because I blogged all about it and made a video. lol

I have been blogging for 10 years and was starting to think I had done all the tags that people have created. Some of them I have done twice, a lot can change over the years so it was nice to find a new one to do.

Thank you for reading! Thank you as well to anyone who leaves a comment or shares on social media. I appreciate you all!


  1. I'm enjoying catching up on the posts that I missed from earlier this year!

  2. Happy 10 years blogging! Where did the time go?! I remember all of these posts. You were the very first blog I visited when I started blogging and I've loved it ever since. 😊 xxx