Saturday 19 November 2022

Week 46 of #Project365 12th - 18th November. A photo every day for a year!

I am so glad this past week is over. It's been stressful but everything came good in the end and it's my birthday weekend. It's not my actual birthday until Monday but I am claiming the whole weekend because I can. hehehe Becky and Stu are off work today and tomorrow so I am going to make the most of having some family time and fun.

Last week I mentioned the nice builder next door and he has been great this week too. Yesterday afternoon I was doing some housework and I had the TV on playing music. It was only when I finished hoovering I realised that it was off and so was everything else which was plugged into the same socket. I had heard the building working and my first thought was he's done something too it. I went and knocked and it turns out he was working at the back of the house nowhere near my socket. He offered to come with his electric tester to see what was going on. Turns out it's just one of the two plug sockets not working, he thinks a wire may have become loose. He did offer to fix it but I said I will get our landlord to just to be on the safe side. With the fireplace being ripped out on the opposite wall and lots of drilling and sanding I am guessing one of the wires has indeed shifted.

Now for a photo every day!

Toilet roll and Christmas music on the TV
Foggy outisde
Candle and my youngest
Gingerbread man and Christmas drinks

316/365 - 12th November
New toilet rolls without the cardboard in the middle. I thought they seem so strange. There is also more sheets on a roll so the new 6 packs is equal to 12 apparently. It doesn't feel like it, my family seem to be going through the new one's just as quick.

317/365 - 13th November
I annoyed my family by having Christmas music on the TV. I miss watching X-Factor in the run up to Christmas.

318/365 - 14th November
It was foggy here all day on Monday.

319/365 - 15th November
A wet day meant I stayed at home and made things cosy with a blanket, hot water bottle and candles burning.

320/365 - 16th November
Ellie and I stopped off for a burger and chips before going to the hospital for a check on her ears and to test her new hearing aid which she will be getting in a few weeks.

321/365 - 17th November
Ellie picked this gingerbread man decoration from Primark and the little fella has now found a new home in the dining room.

322/365 - 18th November
I got more things to put away for Christmas. I think we have more than enough lager, J20 and Asti. lol

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  1. Oh that really was nice of the builder. A lot wouldn't bother to check it for you. Toilet roll without the middle bit seems strange!
    Oh I had forgotten X-factor is usually on at this time....with the little one I don't get time to watch a lot.
    Was foggy here too all day. Love the gingerbread man decoration!

  2. Just realised my previous comment was annonymous!

  3. That's so nice of the builder. Hope you get it fixed soon. Hope your birthday weekend has been fun and full of everything you wanted. Happy birthday for Monday

  4. Your Christmas plans sound good drinks wise. Hope you had a happy birthday on Monday and were spoilt rotten.

  5. The builder next door sounds so helpful. Hope you managed to get the plug socket fixed. It does seem strange seeing a toilet roll with no cardboard in the middle. Nice to stay home and be cosy on a rainy day. Glad Ellie is finally getting her hearing aid. Looks like you’re well and truly stocked up for Christmas! #project365

  6. I hadn't spotted no X Factor... Not convinced by the 'improved' toilet rolls :) #project365