Tuesday 15 November 2022

(Ad - Gifted) The 12 Days of Discovery - Coffee Advent Calendar!

I love a good cup of coffee. There is nothing like that first sip on a morning and this December I am in for a treat as I have been sent the The 12 Days of Discovery - Coffee Advent Calendar from Chimney Fire Coffee to have a look at!

The 12 Days of Discovery - Coffee Advent Calendar from Chimney Fire Coffee

Chimney Fire Coffee is a speciality coffee roastery nestled in the Surrey Hills. They produce and supply ethical coffee products and subscriptions for both home consumers, and business customers.

The 12 Days of Discovery Advent Calendar is a specially curated collection of coffees from their 2022 Discovery Coffee range. Each coffee has been carefully selected by their roastery team to satisfy different tastes and introduce a new and interesting coffee from around the world. Be that a new origin or region, a new process or varietal or something seasonal with a unique flavour profile. 

The coffee advent calendar contains twelve 70g bags of coffee (either whole bean or pre-ground) as well as a booklet, information and map. 

As soon as took the box from the postman I could smell the coffee and it smelled good. I was so excited to open the box and see what wonders were inside. I always thought that all coffee pretty much smelt the same but it turns out I am wrong. I could smell different aromas from each of the bags.

The 12 Days of Discovery bags

1. Costa Rica - Las Palomas - Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Peach.
2. China - Kaku - Butterscotch, Sweet Aromatics, Berry.
3. Zambia - Kateshi Estate - Sweet, Orange, Marmalade.
4. Nicaragua - Apanas - Raspberry Jam, Stewed Apple, Brown Sugar.
5. Ethiopia - Aricha Yirgacheffe - Blueberry, Lavender, Bubblegum.
6. India - Monsoon Malabar - Hickory Wood, Dark Chocolate, Clove.

Coffee Advent Calendar bags

7. Peru - Elevi Rufasto - Raspberry, Lemonade, Milk Chocolate.
8. Brazil - Fazenda Mio - Daim Bar, Dates, Dulcet.
9. Malawi - Sable Farm - Ginger Nut, Peach, Green Tea.
10. Burundi - Masenga Hill - Juicy, Dried Fruits, Balanced
11. Papua New Guinea - Chimbu Highlands - Blackcurrant Squash, Brown Sugar, Mellow
12. Mexico - Los Milagros - Light Fudge, Milk Chocolate, Sweet.

bags of coffee

There is such a fantastic mix of flavours to try. It's hard to say which one I am most excited about trying, the Mexican one does sound so good with the fudge and milk chocolate flavour but the Nicaraguan one sounds very interesting with raspberry jam and stewed apple flavours.

Each bag of coffee comes with a little card which gives you all the information about the coffee you are drinking which I think is really helpful.

Chimney Fire Coffee card

I chose pre ground for a cafetiere but you can also chose the grind which suits you. Whole Bean or pre ground: coarse (cafetiere, cold brew), medium (filter, Aeropress) or fine (espresso, stovetop).

Chimney Fire Coffee work hard to bring their customers coffee to suit every taste that supports ethical and eco-friendly practices, all the way from farm to cup. They are all about sustainability from the ground up with direct and transparent sourcing, 100% compostable packaging and delivering social impact through donations to Re-Cycle, a small charity who refurbish bikes in the UK and send them to rural communities in Africa.

I am very impressed with the The 12 Days of Discovery - Coffee Advent Calendar. You can pre-order it now for yourself or as a gift for someone else for £45.00 from the Chimney Fire Coffee website and it will be dispatched in time for the 1st of December.

I was sent the The 12 Days of Discovery - Coffee Advent Calendar free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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