Saturday 26 November 2022

Week 47 of #Project365 19th - 25th November. A photo every day for a year!

What a brilliant week I have had, I will go as far as saying it was mostly perfect apart from catching Becky's cold at the end of the week. Hmmf. It's not a bad cold, just an annoying runny nose which should be fun as Ellie and I are off to the cinema today, I will be taking plenty of tissues. We're off to see Matilda the Musical which we have been really looking forward to since we saw the trailers months ago. I'm sure a Tango Ice Blast drink will make me feel better. hehehe

Now for a photo every day!

My 2 girls and my new snuddie
Birthday cake & xmas pudding crisps
email from school and a spider
Blue sky and washing on the line

323/365 - 19th November
My girls sort of dressed up for my early birthday meal out. They are not the girliest of girls so this is as dressy as they get. Becky only realised after the photo was taken she had forgotten to brush her hair. lol It was a lovely evening.

324/365 - 20th November
I got a snuddie as an early birthday present, a Harry Potter one of course and I have hardly taken it off. I think I might have to buy myself another one as it's so cosy, I could do with a spare when one is getting washed and dried because I found out yesterday when I washed it, it takes ages to dry.

325/365 - 21st November
My actual birthday and I had a lovely day. I ordered a Lemon Curd birthday cake to come with the food shop but it was substituted and the picker chose well. They took a risk and sent a Banoffee one but it was so good. I am glad it was substituted. 

326/365 - 22nd November
I bought the Christmas Pudding flavoured crisps from Tesco just to see what they are like and they're actually quite good. Over the week I've eaten the whole sharing bag and I am planning to buy more.

327/365 - 23rd November
Every week Ellie's geography teacher emails with what they have been learning over the past week and it's really helpful and interesting to see what they've been doing. It also helps me help Ellie with revision.

328/365 - 24th November
I was sat here and saw something out of the corner of my eye moving, it was a spider coming down from the ceiling. I screamed and Stu removed it. Phew. 

329/365 - 25th November
It was so nice to see blue sky after almost a week of rain. It was also good to get some washing out on the line.

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  1. You'd not like our house, we get so many spiders! Even with conkers everywhere. Glad you had a lovely birthday, lucky to get a cake that turned out ok with a substitution. I'd have definitely wanted the lemon one.

  2. What a lovely week. I love your Harry Potter Snuddie, how cosy does that look?!
    So glad you had a fab birthday, the cakes sounds amazing! The substitute worked out well for a change then hehe. xxx

  3. Your Harry Potter snuddie looks so warm and cozy! I hope that you get over your colds fast xx

  4. I love your snuddie! I've never heard of them before but I've just found lots of brilliant ones online :)


  5. I love Ellie's t shirt 'NASA' oops to Becky forgetting to brush her hair. I bought my son a snuggle fleece like yours for Christmas but his says 'Game Over' his wife will appreciate that. I always tick 'no substitutes' because of my wheat allergy and sometimes the Gluten Free swops have been horrible. Hope you had the loveliest of birthdays x x x

  6. I havent seen the Christmas Pudding flavoured crisps but I will certainly look out for them. We love Matilda the musical!!

  7. Hope you had a lovely birthday, love the snuddie. I don't think I'll be trying those crisps... #project365

  8. That snuddie looks lovely and warm. Glad you had a lovely birthday. The banoffee cake looks delicious. I’m intrigued by the Christmas pudding flavour crisps. Lovely to have blue skies. I’ve given up on washing out on the line now until the spring. #project365

  9. You look very comfy in that. I got an oodie for my birthday covered in cute penguins and I am hardly out of it. Yikes Christmas pudding flavour, not sure I could although I do love Christmas pudding, I don't think I would brave it. Banoffee that was a good substitute, love banana and toffee combos.