Saturday 12 November 2022

Week 45 of #Project365 5th - 11th November. A photo every day for a year!

I am glad it's the weekend. We don't have any plans and I'm glad because I have a ton of housework to catch up on. I was out on Thursday doing a bit of Christmas shopping with Becky and yesterday I took myself out to get away from the noise the builders next door were making. I was cursing them but then felt so guilty when one knocked at the door to apologise about the noise and the dust in our back garden. He said they were planning to rip a fireplace out over the weekend and wanted to make sure none of us were working something like a night shift. I'm glad they asked, Becky would be sleeping tomorrow afternoon and most of Sunday for her night shift. He's going to delay ripping the fireplace out until next week when she isn't working, they have quiet jobs that they can be getting on with. Phew! 

Now for a photo every day!

Doctor Who figures
Cooking fever and our new fire
A flower and Christmas treats
A cocktail and the hospital website

309/365 - 5th November
We got a ton of Doctor Who stuff from our local auction for Ellie. A couple of Tardis things, figures, a Doctor Who figure. It all came to £16 and I have put some away for Christmas. I think we got a right bargain going by the prices of the stuff on Ebay.

310/365 - 6th November
I can't remember what I did on Sunday. I did play a bit of Cooking Fever though.

311/365 - 7th November
Our new fire was put in. Hooray! I love it. The holes being drilled into the wall for the screws did create so much dust though. I have ended up dusting every day and I think I have got the thick of it now.

312/365 - 8th November
I didn't expect to still be seeing flowers in my garden but this one was new. It is keeping with the Autumn theme of being an orangey/yellow colour.

313/365 - 9th November
I got a food shop on Wednesday and most of it was stuff to put away for Christmas. Chocolates, advent calendars, selection boxes, wrapping paper, stuffing and a few extra presents.

314/365 - 10th November
Becky and I treated ourselves to a cocktail with our lunch out. It was buy 2 get one free so we shared a 3rd one. hehehe

315/365 - 11th November
I got on the phone to the hospital. We've been waiting since March for my youngest to get fitted for a hearing aid. I thought it was just a long waiting list but spoke to the hearing support worker who visits Ellie in school and she chased it up. Turns out the ENT department hadn't referred Ellie back to Audiology for the hearing aid fitting. It is a mess up on their part. The whole process should have been completed in about 6 weeks. We have an appointment next week. Finally! Hooray!

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  1. That is actually really sweet that the builders thought to check in and make sure no one was working the night shift before they began the work. Ugh! I hate when medical things fall through the cracks like that but so glad you finally have the appointment!

  2. Glad Ellie's hearing aid appointment is finally being sorted out. We've still got marigolds in our garden too. They're so bright and cheerful. I started buying Christmas food this week too.

  3. It is dreadful to listen to the builders next door, but they sound considerate, making sure they don't disturb too much. Fingers crossed, Elli'e hearing aid will be sorted out asap. Lovely marigold! You can dry the petals and add to black tea. The cocktail looks tasty!

  4. I couldn't believe that you've started shopping for Christmas but then I realised that it's only six weeks away! The builders next door sound really lovely and considerate. I hope that noisy work doesn't last too long!


  5. That was good of the builders checking about whether anyone was working night shifts. Makes it better when people are considerate about things like that. That looks like a good haul of Doctor Who stuff. Love the new fireplace. How lovely to treat yourself to a cocktail. Glad that Ellie finally has an appointment for her hearing aid next week – not good that the ENT department messed up though but at least it’s now being done. #project365

  6. Thisiswhereitisat17 November 2022 at 20:38

    Aw how thoughtful of the builders to check in x

  7. I would love all that Dr Who stuff, shame we don't have auctions near us. Your new fire looks lovely, I would love a new fire in our house

  8. What considerate builders. I haven't got that restaurant in Cooking Fever yet. #project365

  9. We've just booked builders, thankfully the side they are working on is next to an empty house, so hopefully no complaints. We're also hoping for a new fireplace. Glad Ellie's hearing appointment has finally happened.