Wednesday 16 November 2022

10 things I've learned from 10 years of blogging!

On this day 10 years ago I published my first blog post and have done almost every day since then! Go me and happy birthday to my blog. I am so proud of my little space on the internet and can't imagine not blogging. I am still learning something new every day when it comes to blogging, I am not going to pretend I am any sort of expert but thought I would share 10 things I've learned from 10 years of blogging.

10th birthday

1. You can make real friends through blogging.
I have a handful of people that I would class as real friends, not just acquaintances. I would say Jayne from Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs is my closest blogging friend and she really is the best. She's there for a chat about anything and we do have some giggles. Sometimes my non-blogging friends don't get blogging so it's good to have those friends who do.

2. Bloggers get sent things but they're not freebies!
When I started blogging I had no idea that PR companies and businesses worked with bloggers to promote their products or services. For some reason I thought bloggers bought everything that they were reviewing and they all had bags of money to go on fantastic days out and holidays. lol The first item we were sent to review was a book and I was so excited about it and the most used thing we have been sent was also probably the most expensive, the Dyson bundle. The upright vacuum is still going strong, I use it most days!

When I am sent something to review on my blog the company who sent it expect something in return whether it be a blog post or shares on social media. Nothing is free and I get the product in exchange for my time.

3. Think hard about what you will call your blog!
When I first started blogging. I was from Northumberland and I was a Mam so Northumberland Mam came about and it was great until I moved house to Scunthorpe, no where near Northumberland. I didn't want to start a new blog but thankfully I could add a domain name as I had been using a free blogspot address. Phew! 

I would say don't pick a place name if you could move house, don't name it after your kids as they may not want to feature on it when they are older and be proud to say your blog name out loud. If you say it and it sounds weird or cringe it probably isn't the right name!

4. I became a better mam because of blogging!
I was of course already a good mam but blogging has given me the opportunities to give my girls things I wouldn't have if I wasn't blogging. Days out, toys to try out and we of course have a record of all of memories. There are times I go back to look at my blog to show the girls that they did do something at a certain time or to find out when a certain thing happened.

5. Be careful what you blog about!
Years ago when we lived in Northumberland there was a fire in the house next door to us and it was terrifying. We were evacuated just to be on the safe side, thankfully no one was hurt and I decided to blog about it the morning after as it was quite a story to share but it turns out the news thought the same thing and anyone reading my blog post could Google "house fire in Ashington" and find my address. Eek! As soon as I saw an article about the fire on Facebook, I deleted the blog post!

6. My domain score means nothing to me!
When I used to use a free blogspot address I always used to wonder what my domain score would be as it seemed to be back then that if you had a high domain authority that your blog was amazing. I added my own blog address and got a domain score and it actually means nothing to me. At the moment it sits at 24/25 and goes up sometimes and then comes back down. It makes no difference to my blogging life. lol 

7. The kids grow up!
My girls used to feature a lot more on my blog, years ago compared to now. I still write about them but there is a lot more that I don't share as they are older and they want their privacy which is totally understandable. They still love my blog and both sometimes go back and look at all the photos from when they were little. When I started my blog I couldn't imagine not blogging a lot about my girls but over the last few years there has been a shift and you, the person reading probably haven't even noticed. I think the biggest thing is that Ellie doesn't review toys anymore, she's too old for toys so she says but sometimes is tempted. hehehe

Kids blowing up balloons

8. There isn't enough time!
Before I blogged I would sometimes feel bored and have nothing to do. Now there just aren't enough hours in the day! I am sat here writing this while everyone is out and I have a bit of peace and I am thinking ahead that I need to write my meal plan post, comment on some blogs and reply to some emails. I could do with a few extra hours in the day.

9. I am rubbish at social media.
Promoting posts and blogs on social media is a big thing but I am rubbish at it. I don't really use Pinterest, I have a Facebook page for my blog where I share my blog posts and that's it. I do like Instagram but don't use it to promote my blog, I probably should. 

10. Just do it!
If you don't blog and are thinking about starting one or have had a blog in the past, have given up and are thinking about starting again, just do it! Blogging is fun and it is what you make it. If you want to blog every day, do it but if you want to blog only twice a week that is absolutely fine too. You don't have to be professional, just do it for fun and record those memories.

What have you learned from blogging?


  1. I am so with you on all of this. I think we blog a lot the same, apart from my stupid illness getting some limelight, lol. Choosing a name is so hard, I started off as Baby Number Five as I'd just had, err, my fifth baby! He's 12 now! I would say choose a name that's easy to spell too, I even miss spell raisiebay sometimes. Freebies are a bonus, but heck, people don't realise the work we put into reviews and paid posts. Not exactly freebies when you've worked for them. My kids have also grown up, but I love that they are recorded on my blog, especially when they used to love to cook and craft with me. Now, they don't feature as much so I'm glad I didn't stick with a Mummy blog theme. There was a time when I was obsessed about numbers, how many people visited, my domain rating, even my Tots score. But after all these years I realise none of it really matters. I've made some lovely blogging friends. There were times when meeting up was quite regular but it seems that it doesn't really happen so much these days. Happy 10th blog birthday Kim, and well done. I think we'll be blogging until the cows the come home :) xx

  2. wow 10 years of daily blogging is a great, well done xx

  3. Happy ten year anniversary! Wow ten years is a long time Kim well done!! I have to say that your blog is one of my favourites and I really enjoy reading it. I totally agree that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done when it comes to blogging. I'm rubbish on social media too and have only recently started posting a bit more regularly on Instagram. I wish that I had started blogging a whole lot earlier but I was always too chicken. I'm so glad that I finally got brave because getting to know lovely bloggers like you is definitely one of the best things about blogging xxx

  4. Thisiswhereitisat18 November 2022 at 19:11

    Happy 10th anniversary x

  5. Happy 10th blogging anniversary my lovely! Aw, you are my blogging bestie! Hehe. I love that I met you through this blogging world and I love our giggles and random natters.
    I know what you mean about the kids growing up. I remember when your girls were so tiny and now look, your eldest is learning to drive and taking you to the pub! Hehe.
    I love your blog! Here's to many many more years of blogging. I reckon we are in it for the long haul! xxxxxx

  6. Happy ten year blogaversary! I am in awe of you posting every day for so long! Your blog is such a wonderful mix of family life, reviews and recipes. I particularly like reading your meal plans - you've inspired me on many occasions!


  7. Hi Kim, Happy 10th blog anniversary! I agree with all these things that you have learned throughout the years. It is same with me too. Though I have social media accounts, I really don't enjoy those. But, I really enjoy blogging. I am glad that I found your blog too and read every week since I joined #MMBC.