Sunday 13 November 2022

Teeny tiny tomatoes. #MySundaySnapshot

Mornings and evenings have been cold here but during the day it has been quite warm considering it is November. I spotted some new flowers in my garden growing, they stuck with the Autumnal theme and are all orange and yellow and then I noticed some tomatoes still growing. There was a teeny tiny one which had fallen off the vine and then some bigger green one's. I thought it was so strange to see them at this time of year especially with everything else around them dying off.

Teeny tiny tomato
Green tomatoes

My Sunday Snapshot


  1. Mine were the same. I'm impressed with people that can grow normal ones!!

  2. They’re so cute! Years ago I had a cherry tomato plant that I thought had died. I put the pot plant in the side garden with the dead plant and chalked it up as another of my gardening failures. Then one day I noticed a whole bush of cherry tomatoes (exactly the same as the ones you have) had sprouted! For a few months we had thousands of those little tomatoes and they just kept growing. They were so delicious too!

  3. Though it is a tiny tomato, it is still good that you could grow tomatoes. Beautiful photos of tomatoes.
    Thanks for sharing, Have a great day!

  4. I love tiny tomatoes. I eat grape and cherry tomatoes most of the time. If it gets too cold for the green ones to ripen, you can make fried green tomatoes. They're wonderful. Recipe on my blog. #MMBC

  5. Oh wow! Look at you still growing things in your garden! That's wonderful.

  6. Home grown tomatoes are so delicious. Those tiny orange ones are my favourite! Enjoy!


  7. Thisiswhereitisat17 November 2022 at 20:32

    Aw so cute my son had a tomato plant over summer and grow only one tomato oops X

  8. Oh this is so sweet and tiny! Thanks for sharing your snaps and linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.