Thursday 30 May 2019

Are you a kind person?

I would class myself as a kind person. I try to be nice to people online and in real life. If I see someone in need I will do the best I can to help.

A recent survey says that nine in ten Brits would describe themselves as "kind", yet a third would never give cash to someone begging on the street.

I really don't think that is being unkind. I think that is being careful. Many years ago. I was about 17 years old and there was always a man begging outside of my bank in my local high street. He looked so sad and needy. I gave him loose change when I could. One night I was having a night out and I spotted him in a nightclub wearing fancy clothes, he'd had a shave, looked clean and was flashing the cash. He was not a begger, he was not a man in need. He was a con man! I would much rather buy a homeless person a coffee and a sandwich now than give them money.

The average adult believes they do four kind things a day but 67 percent said it annoys them when they go out of their way to help someone and they don’t even get a thank you.

Do you do kind things? Do you help strangers?

You would help someone who has dropped something.
Yes! Many a time I was stood in the playground and people walked past and dropped things and I shouted them back. I am that person who picks up little gloves, hats and scarves off the pavement and puts them on walls or fences.

You hold the door open for people.
Always! I am left feeling like a mug when lots of people walk thorough & I'm left standing like an idiot with people passing by without saying thank you.

You give unwanted clothes to the charity shop.
Yep! Anything Becky grows out of gets passed on to Ellie but once she has finished with the item it goes to the charity shop. 

You take your trolley back to the designated trolley area.
If it is Asda I don't I will leave it where I can, that shop stresses me out. The sooner I get away the better but everywhere else I do.

You check in on elderly neighbours / relatives.
I used to. We had a lovely old lady who lived next door until she went into hospital and passed away. Stu would bring her wheelie bins in and out.

You help mums onto public transport with buggies.
Not so much now because public transport is more accessible but if I see someone struggling I will help.

You say hello to people you pass on a walk.
If I know them I will but not total strangers. 

You let people in front of you in the queue if they don’t have much shopping.
Yes always! I always get so annoyed when people don't do the same to me though.

You pick up litter in the street.
I don't. I wish I could be bothered but around here it is so bad. Let's not even get started on the amount of dog poo there is.

You pick up litter on the beach.
No, thankfully our beaches nearby are very clean. We always make sure to put all of our rubbish is put in a bin.

You always put spare change in charity collection tins.
I do if I see them. If I am paying for something at a till and something is 99p and I pay with a £1 of course.  

You take food around to neighbours if they’re sick.
No, I am not keen on my neighbours, sorry. 

You leave a tip for bad meal because the waitress was nice.
Yes and then I will come home and complain about it on social media. It is not the waitresses fault.

You always investigate if an alarm was going off.
hahaha! Live near me and you will get why I don't. The alarms are an annoyance now not a warning.

You offer to help friends and neighbours with the school run.
Both my girls walk to school themselves but I used to when they were getting picked up and taken to school. I have a good group of friends and we would all help each other out if needed.

You volunteer to help at school fairs.
I did when my girls were at primary school. 

You would lend money to a stranger who doesn’t have quite enough.
Yes, I would and have in the past. Someone was a few pence short in Iceland and I gave them it.

You let a stranger borrow your charger on the train.
As long as I could see it the whole time they were using it.

You compliment strangers.
Sometimes. I did when we were away at Christmas. I saw a woman in the toilets and her dress was gorgeous and I told her so. 

You give cash to buskers.
Always, if they are good! 

You pass the time of day with door to door salesmen / charity collectors.
No, they always seem to come late on an evening when I am at the end of my tether!

You listen to what cold callers have to say.
Nope! Don't even get me started on these. I only get cold calls from people who say my internet is sending out viruses which is a big scam!

You leave the pound coin in the shopping trolley.
I don't. Eek! I have one of those key rings with the fake pound coins on.

Do you think you are a kind person?


  1. Aw Kim, I'd say you were kind. I think I used to be kinder going by this list, but since being stuck in a wheelchair I can't do a lot of things...picking rubbish up is a no no and I can't push a shopping trolley. I do try to be kind whenever I can though and I will always send friends kind messages if they are going through tough times. I hope I'm bringing up my children to be kind too, I know Boo would help anyone. x

  2. You come across as very kind, very sweet natured. It seems to me that you do a lot of nice things, even with the neighbours you have xx