Thursday 2 May 2019

I am that embarrassing mam!

I am sure my girls love me but sometimes the really hate me because I am an embarrassing mam. They call me "cringe", pull away from my hugs and sometimes I feel like they don't want to be around me. Hmmf.

A nationwide poll has revealed a list of the most cringeworthy things can mums and dads do and I think I tick most of the boxes. hehehe Do you?

The most embarrassing things a parent can do according to kids are:

 Kissing or hugging them in front on their friends.
I don't now but I will go for a hug or even an arm around their shoulder and sneaky kiss on top of their head. It's daft. They hug their friends all the time, why not their little, old mam! 

Bad singing.
I do all the time! They hate it. I can't sing for toffee but have fun. Only last weekend I chose my type of music. Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, AC/DC and stuff like that. They hated it but were still singing along. They'll never admit they like it but they do. 

Wiping their faces in front of other people.
I do with my youngest and she HATES it! She is such a messy eater and will slop over her face. I am that mother who still carries wet wipes in my bag.

Telling them off in front of other people.
If the kids have done wrong they need to be told about it. I have "that" face where the kids know they are being told off without me even raising my voice or shouting! I may sometimes even speak through gritted teeth.

Not letting them play computer games as much as their friends.
I am sure kids exaggerate about how much time they have on computer games. They must or my girls friends have really irresponsible parents. I do limit their time on a weekday but I think I'm pretty fair over the weekend. 

Trying to Floss but can’t.
I try but I can't floss. My hips and arm just don't work together.

Asking if they need the toilet in front of other people.
I always ask my girls if they need the toilet. If we're out and I see a loo I will ask. One of my life's motto's is never pass up the chance to pee!.

Calling them by embarrassing nicknames in front of other people.
I do with Ellie. I call her chicken and I call Becky her pet name when I am trying to wind her up. hehehe

Not knowing who the modern pop stars / YouTubers are.
I don't have a clue with most of them. Billie Eilish is my teen's new favourite singer. I make a point of calling her Billie Eyelash every time. Her music is so depressing. Half the people my girls watch on YouTube, I have no idea who they are. I know they are safe for their ages but there is so many of them now! 

Thinking I'm a cool mum.
I am aren't I?

Not letting them have an Instagram account.
Becky I do because she is old enough but not Ellie and the same goes for Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. lol I play by the ages they say they are allowed an account.

Not letting them go to their friends houses.
I am really fussy to who's houses my girls go to. When they were both in primary school and wanted to go to their friends houses I thought no way! I knew the parents and they were not the nicest of people. Now I won't let them go to their friends houses unless I have met their friend and their parent!

Telling off their friends.
Yep! I am terrible for doing this. Ellie has a friend who is not the best behaved. If I see her misbehaving I will tell her off. I dread to think what she tells her parents. lol

Being bad at helping with their school work.
I don't understand most of Becky's school work but I am trying my best to help her revise. With Ellie she hates me helping. I work things out differently to her, especially when it comes to maths and she gets annoyed with me. Oops.

Are you that embarrassing parent?


  1. haha it's fun to be embarrassing isn't it :-)

  2. It is your šŸ”µDUTYšŸ”µ to embarrass your children at every available opportunity. Himself always thought that if the kids could survive being embarrassed by us they could survive anything life has to throw at them! They are 22 and surviving out in the world.... Mind you, they don't visit much šŸ˜‚!
    Ps it took me a while to work out why you'd need to move your hips to floss your teeth. Doh!

  3. At least you don't lick your hankie and use that to wipe their face like my mum used to do šŸ˜‚ xx

  4. Is it bad that Me and my OH still do all of these? I love it! Tom usually just grr's at us!

  5. Haha, I do quite a few of these with the expected eyeroll from my daughter lol.

  6. I Treherbert my nan asking my mother if I'd 'been', at a public toilet. I was 19 and about to get married! Lol. I love threatening embarrassment, as a way of keeping them in line lol x

  7. I take great joy in embarrassing my teens, it's payback for the toddler days when they constantly embarrassed me in public ha ;)

    Stevie x