Wednesday 22 May 2019

Before I was a blogger.

I have been blogging for 7 years in November and it really is hard to remember a life before blogging. When I started blogging Ellie was in year one at school and Becky in year 5. It seems such a long time ago. It's hard to remember what I did with my spare time.

Before blogging:

I used to play World of Warcraft. Stu got me into playing when Ellie was still a baby, way under a year old and I played it properly, every day until a few months after I started blogging. Something had to give and it was bye, bye World of Warcraft. Blogging well and truly took over! 

I did go back a few times and play it, usually over Christmas and New year when there wasn't much going on with blogging. Stu still plays it and sometimes I am tempted to go back and play. Usually on a lazy Sunday afternoon but no, I mustn't. I really do not have time for it.

I didn't really use social media before blogging, not how I use it now anyway. I didn't have an Instagram, Pinterest or a YouTube account where I uploaded videos. I used to watch YouTube videos but couldn't imagine making them. 

I had a Facebook account, didn't everyone but I only used it for myself. Now things have turned and I rarely post on my personal profile. I think the last time I did was last month and that was only to share an event my friend was organising. I used to put pictures and updates about the girls but now I'm blogging what's the point. I know all my family read here. 

I didn't meal plan and I could quite easily spend £150 on food per week only to throw half of it out and barely get a weeks worth of meals from it. I meal plan every week now and I am way more orgainsed when it comes to food.

I used to enter a lot of competitions, way more than I do now. One Christmas in the advent competitions I won something every day on the trot for 24 days. They weren't big or expensive prizes but they made a fantastic Christmas. I think the best prize I ever won according to the kids was an ultimate VIP package to see Disney On Ice from North East Family Fun. We had amazing seats, Pre-show hospitality & a lift there and back in a pink limo. In my opinion it was my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. I won it off Twitter the day it was released and it was delivered to me the next day. I still have and use that phone now. It was through entering competitions that I discovered blogs. I still discover amazing blogs through their competitions. 

Before blogging I knew a lot less people, yes the people I know through blogging are just "online friends" but I have seen their kids grow up through their blogs, saw their happiest and saddest of moment and there is a few that I would class as real, true friends.

What did you do before blogging? If you aren't a blogger could you ever see yourself blogging?


  1. Great post! I've been blogging a similar amount of time and it's hard to remember how I spent all that time before! Although blogging ties in with having my children, so life was quite a lot different for me before anyway. I also rarely used social media, only Facebook occasionally. I probably used to read more and I definitely watched more television!

  2. I used to read at least 5 books a week before I started blogging. I'm lucky if I read that in a year now.

  3. Oh yes, comping, I forgot about that, when I just tweeted to you. I used to be much more enthusiastic about comping, these days I only half-heartedly do some Friday comps on Twitter, and a bit on Insta. I've been on the current blog for a out 8 and a half years, and before then had a papercrafts blog, which has been abandoned completely. Having online blog friends is a big bonus, it makes me feel part of the community.

  4. I loved this because I can hardly remember too. I think I was a different person back then! x

  5. I use to do and win a lot of competitions before I blogged, but yes it does take up a huge chunk of life but look at the diary you have created for yourself

  6. It's funny how things change when you start blogging. I have made some lovely friends since I started my blog. One awesome one in particular from up north! ;) x

  7. I often think how I used to fill my time pre-blogging as I've been blogging a year less. Probably used to speak to my husband alot more lol. I love blogging and how many online friends I have made over the years, and like you I very rarely post on my personal FB now. Funny how times have changed x