Saturday 11 May 2019

Week 19 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I've been a bit muddled this past week with what day it is. Thankfully there isn't another bank holiday until the end of the month. Stu has been working rotten shifts at work starting most days at 7.30am. I have been missing my afternoons to myself.

The kids have had a good week at school but they were ready for the weekend. Becky has finally been given her leaving date. Eek! The 11th June and then she only has to go in for her exams. They start properly next week and she's actually looking forward to them. I don't think she'll be feeling the same this time next month when they're in full swing!

Now for a photo for every day!

123/365 - 4th May
Prawn cocktail and tomato garlic bread for tea. There is lettuce under there.

124/365 - 5th May
The SmartKids VitaGummies which Ellie has been trying out.

125/365 - 6th May
Ellie playing on The Sims, of course. It's all she plays lately. That and a bit of Roblox.

126/365 - 7th May
Ready for school. Becky is so ready to leave school. All the are doing is revision which is great but I still say she'd get more done at home.

127/365 - 8th May
The dreaded red card from the postman. I was going to go on Thursday to pick it up but the weather wasn't great so I've ordered it for re-delivery. It should arrive on Monday.

128/365 - 9th May
A treat for Stu which I'm reviewing on here next week.

129/365 - 10th May
I went for cheesy pop hits to help me along with the housework. I do love Spotify. There's a playlist for everything!

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  1. Hi Kim, I hope Becky doesn't loose her enthusiasm for her exams. Just a few more weeks and it will all be behind her... Oooo I can imagine how you miss your afternoons. Our routine is changing again over here as we go into the summer months and I do love the calmer evenings with the husband at work (but don't tell him that though!)... Love your cheesy playlist (not cheesy at all - I'd call them classics).


  2. Oh no, that's early shifts for Stu. I can see why your days are muddled up, with a different routine. Hope the parcel is something nice. I hate it when they leave a red card, and not even try the neighbours first. It's scary and exciting that in a few weeks, the school will be over. Good luck to Becky! Hope the exams go well.

  3. I too am a fan of Spotify! I like to make my own playlists,mfor different moods etc, and can often be found dancing and singing along to Spotify while cooking, tidying up the kitchen etc xx #MMBC

  4. We have a communal post box at the flat in the UK and the postman drops the card in there, why he can't ring the buzzer and save me the trip the following today to collect, i just don't know. I've lost track of all the days off and the school holidays you've had this year

  5. Can't believe how quickly this year has gone for Becky. I've heard a few people say they've let their kids not go into school because they've known they'd revise better at home.

  6. Is she leaving school or staying on for another year or two? Fifi could have left last year but is completing right to the end. Revising at home is a good idea.
    Hate coming home to a missed delivery card, not so bad if Royal Mail as they leave locally others take back to depot miles and miles away so need to wait on redelivery

    1. She's going to college to do health & social care for a couple of years then who knows. She's still not sure what she wants as a career but knows it's something in the heath sector.

  7. Oh dear, that's early shifts. I can see why your days are muddled up, I am such a routine person. It is a nightmare with parcels isn't it? I can't believe how quick this school year has gone. Hope the exams go well xx #365

  8. Hehe you aren't the only one to get confused. Preschool wanted to keep my eldest to do PE until they remembered it was Tuesday. Shift work can be horrid I'm thankful when my hubby does early shifts as I often feel ill in the afternoon/evening. #365

  9. I always forget to arrange redelivery - it's a shame you can't ask for morning or afternoon isn't it #365

  10. Oh gosh not long left for to leave. Glad she is feeling ok about the exams!

    Hate those red cards so usually put my parents address down for deliveries as they are always home!

  11. Crumbs thats come round quickly. They have so many to do don't they? We are reviewing the same set so will be looking out for your opinion. Urgh those red cards... I am sure it depends on the postie some do leave it down the side of our house and its so much easier when trying to juggle everything!! Hope it arrives for you on Monday.

  12. I play Sims Mobile and Sims Freeplay: very addictive! #project365