Saturday 25 May 2019

Week 21 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This seems to have been a long week but we have made it to the weekend and now the kids have just over a week off school. Hooray for half term. It's been an ordinary week here. Quiet with not much going on. My photos show that. When I have nothing going on it's always food photos that I turn to. lol

Now for a photo every day!

137/365 - 18th May
Big burgers! Stu made his own tea and went big! He ate two of these. I don't know where he puts it all. 

138/365 - 19th May
We have a massive tub full of peanut M&M's at the moment which we are all dipping into. I don't usually like them but they're there and they are so tempting!

139/365 - 20th May
We were sent the DC Jelly Belly collection to have a look at. They're very tasty.

140/365 - 21st May
Just Becky on her tablet in her laze about the house clothes.

141/365 - 22nd May
I started watching The Handmaid's Tale on Monday and started the 2nd series on Wednesday! It is so dark and horrific to watch but it's so addictive!

142/365 - 23rd May

143/365 - 24th May
I spent all afternoon tidying and cleaning only for the kids to come in and ruin all my hard work in about 10 minutes! Clothes on the floor, things moved around, bags left, curtains half shut because it was too sunny and bits of paper on the floor. Why do I bother. lol

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  1. That is certainly a lot of food photos! I'm impressed that Stu could eat two of those burgers! My kids are just the same with trashing the house - bags and shoes everywhere as soon as they come in. Then they make snacks and leave crumbs, knives, plates etc all over the kitchen.
    Enjoy half term!

  2. OMG, two of those burgers seem like an impossible task! My guys love jelly bellies. And it's exactly the same here, as soon as the house is cleaned, they start on creating a mess.
    I confess I haven't watched The Handmaid's Tale, I know it's supposed to be good, but I'm not a fan of the dystopian genre in literature/cinema. My Mum bought the first book just the other week, so maybe I should do that too.

  3. I'd struggle with two of those burgers. I have the same problem when H comes home from school.

  4. Our house is trashed by N and the OH just leaving clothes and shoes where they walk in. Drivs me nuts.

    I love peanut M&Ms. Declicious

  5. hate it when you spend a good part of the day cleaning and tidying and they come in and trash it.
    I have a bag of jelly sweets in the bread bin that is getting dipped into for one or two sporadically when I wander through. Just been eating black jack lollies tonight.
    The burgers look good, I would have had one with some more chips.

  6. Oh yes it is never ending tidying up after kids. Especially football clothes, drives me nuts too. Oh I do love peanut M&M's too x

  7. I'm with you on why do we bother tidying up only for others to make a mess and feel we have to tidy it all up - before our mother turns up! I digress #365

  8. Becky looks super trendy just hanging around in her house clothes. The only thing I could eat from your photos would be the donut, although I'd like to be able to eat the rest

  9. Oh gosh...don't think I could manage 2 burgers!! That doughnut looks tempting

  10. Blimey those burgers are big! I have read the book of Handmaid's Tale but not watched it on TV yet #project365

  11. Wow I am not sure I could even manage one of those burgers. I love peanut M&Ms they wouldn't stand a chance in our house. I am also totally with you on the cleaning thing. The boys wreck it five minutes flat every time!!