Saturday 18 May 2019

Unicorn Fruit Flakes from Fruit Bowl - Review!

I've mentioned lots of times about how my youngest Ellie is unicorn crazy! Anything with a unicorn on she loves!

Top children’s snack company Fruit Bowl are pleased to announce the launch of their Unicorn Fruit Flakes continuing their mission to make it easier for parents to give their children 5 a day. We were sent these to try recently along with a few of the other Fruit Bowl favourites.

The Unicorn Fruit Flakes packaging is gorgeous, shiny and holographic which really appealed to Ellie. She does love anything shiny. She's a bit of a magpie. Available in both individual and multipacks the fantasy theme is carried through to the individual multipacks, where each have either a unicorn, mermaid and flamingo icon to add extra magic and sparkle.

Unicorn Fruit Flakes are an exciting mixture of Fruit Bowl’s top selling delicious flake flavours. Tangy Raspberry, sweet Strawberry and moreish blackcurrant. They are made from soft chewy pieces of real fruit purees all of which contribute to a child’s five a day.

I was the first one to try these and could have quite happily eaten all five packets as they were delicious! The girls both polished them off in a couple of days and said they loved them. Ellie said they tasted like sweets not fruit. They were sweet but there is no added sugar, only naturally occurring sugars!

I think these are fantastic for getting children to eat their 5 a day! Both the individual packs and multipacks are perfectly packaged for slipping into a school lunchbox or popping into a bag for parents on the go.

The multipack bags have already launched into Morrisons stores and are sold for £2.00 per multi-pack with a further launch into Waitrose later in May. I will be looking out for them as Ellie has already asked for more! 

A Fruit Bowl survey says that only 9% of children are currently reaching the recommended 5 a day intake and 50% of parents who buy snacks for children agree that it is hard to get children to eat healthier snacks. That’s why Fruit Bowl want to make it easier for parents to boost their child’s fruit and veg intake and why so many of their products contribute to a child’s 5 a day.

The full range of Fruit Bowl products include Peelers, School Bars, Fruit Flakes, Yogurt Flakes and Yogurt-Coated Raisins. They are also gluten free, vegan and veggie friendly and with only naturally occurring sugars each pack contains the same amount of sugar found in a single apple. 

The wider Fruit Bowl ranges are readily available at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Co-Op, Asda, Waitrose as well as on Ocado and via a number of local and independent stores.

We were sent these Fruit Bowl products in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. My grandkids would love these! I wonder if I can get them in the US.