Wednesday 29 May 2019

I take one day a week for me!

I am a stay at home mother. I have been for the last 16 plus years. I am so lucky to have been in this position for so long. Some people can be judgemental saying it must be great to stay at home and laze about all day but that never happens.

As much as I am visible on social media, I do dip in and out. I am always up and down doing housework, cooking meals, dealing with family stuff, helping my dad out with his business and the list goes on. Even when I am watching TV or listening to music I do something around the house.

After Christmas or maybe just before, I can't remember when it started, one day a week I take for me! It is usually a Wednesday or a Thursday as those are Stu's days off work.

I will throw all the cliches at you. It's me time, a mental health day, time out, self care, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I need that break to just relax, not adult for a little while and forget about the pressures of real life, well after the kids have gone from school, of course.

This is how my "day off" usually goes:

I will get up with the kids, stay in my pj's and get them ready, fed and out to school. As soon as they are out of the door I go back to bed and sleep for 2 or 3 hours. 

This day is usually the day where Stu will take over doing the housework. It's one of his days off and he always has a tidy round downstairs and put a load of washing on. I really do appreciate it.

In the time that I am in bed the water has been on heating and then I will go for a soak in the bath. There is something about a daytime bath which I love. It seems like such a treat. Maybe it's because I know I will be left alone because the kids are at school. No interruptions! 

I will put clean pj's on and stay in them for the rest of the day.  They are always my best pj's which look smart and would happily answer the door in. I am comfiest in pyjamas and if I am not going out or doing anything special what is the point in getting dressed.

If my "day off" is a Thursday I use the time write a couple of blog posts. My Word of the Week post, recapping what has gone on over the past week and then something random like this. I will also start the weekly online food shop and do the meal planning for the next week. As much as I moan about doing the online shop I do mostly enjoy it.

Then the kids come home from school and my me time is over. It is nice while it lasts and most weeks it is needed. I feel so much better for it and feel ready to take on the next few days.

Some people have nights out, spa days, breaks from their day to day life, their own ways to unwind and relax but I am happy with the eight hours mid week.


  1. Sounds like BLISS ! I get to chill out on a Saturday morning and stay in my PJ's until lunchtime, then we head off to McDonald's for lunch, but that's about as good as it gets ! :)

  2. I like to spend me time around the house too. Just me and a book normally x

  3. I'd quite like to have me time at home. But even on my flexi days, if I'm off work I always take myself off somewhere - to National Trust or just to blog in a coffee shop. If I was at home, the OH would come in and moan about me using the electricity or me not cleaning etc.