Wednesday 1 May 2019

The Electro Dough kit from Tech Will Save Us - Review!

Up until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Tech Will Save Us. Their innovative range of toys combine play and technology and are aimed at kids of all ages. From kits that explore lights, sounds and movement with electro dough to coding kits that enable kids to build and design computer games, there’s a play experience for everyone!

We were sent the Electro Dough Plus kit to have a look at.

Electro Dough is the perfect introduction to learning about electricity through play. Kids age 4+ are introduced to basic circuits and how electricity works by making and playing with conductive dough! Electro Dough comes with everything you need to make fun shapes and create simple circuits to make the dough light up and buzz.

Kids will learn how electricity works, how to make circuits in series and parallel. They understand what conductivity and resistance is, along with developing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

What's in the box?
Twenty LEDs, Six Pots of Electro Dough, Buzzer, Three Dough Cutters, Ten Jumper Wires, Six Crocodile Clips, a Battery Holder, Two Tilt Switche and Free access to our Make platform.

Both of my girls were interested in having a play with this kit. Becky was the more serious of the pair, following the instructions and guides to build circuits and Ellie was more about just making circuits her own way! 

Becky thought it was amazing that dough could do this with electricity. Sometimes it took a little of readjusting the lights to get them to work but it was pretty impressive. She made various circuits and was most impressed when she made a button with the red dough to switch the lights on.

Ellie had a free for all and just made up her own circuits and had a fantastic time. She just made it all up as she went along adding wires and lights where ever she felt.

I think this kit is fantastic to get children creating and using their imagination. I think Ellie actually learned more by just making her own circuits up than Becky who followed the instructions. This is a fantastic kit to introduce children to the basics of electricity and I think it would be perfect for people who home school. The kids loved it and Ellie has been back and played with it a few times since we received it. 

As well as the simple instructions included in the box there is also the online digital hub called the Make Platform. The Make Platform is a digital playground filled with fun and engaging projects, ‘tech recipes’ and challenges that enable kids to get hands on learning whilst having fun.

This kit is available to buy from Tech Will Save Us for £25.99 and I think it's well worth the money.

We were sent this kit free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh this looks like fun! What a great way to learn all about circuits and electricity. Definitely beats reading from a book. x

  2. That's mad! I think my youngest would be fascinated! x