Saturday 13 October 2018

A photo every day for a year! Week 41 of #Project365

It's been a good week mostly. Ellie has had a stomach bug and a couple of days off school. She could have probably gone back yesterday but she just wasn't right. She wasn't being sick but she was just drained and ever so pale. I am hoping she picks up today. 

279/365 - 6th October
I bought the kids a treat of a toffee apple each! They have never been so keen to eat fruit. lol

280/365 - 7th October
We made our own Smooshins. They didn't work out perfectly but we did have a lot of fun. 

281/365 - 8th October
GCSE Revision time. She's in a routine now. She changes into her pj's, gets a snack and gets to work.

282/365 - 9th October
I was on my way to bed when I realised I hadn't take a photo. This pile of toys has been at the bottom of the stairs since last Saturday. I am refusing to take them up & I've told the kids if they are still there today, they go in the bin. (they were still there last night. Eek)

283/365 - 10th October
We were sent some products from Zimpli Kids to try out. Gelli Baff was first up and it is fascinating stuff. Mix the powder with water and it turns to jelly! Ellie loved it! I have a blog post coming soon.

284/365 - 11th October
Ellie had a day on the sofa and off school. It was a lovely day We watched The Greatest Showman (again) and The Sound of Music.

285/365 - 12th October
I switched my laptop on like I do every morning but it didn't come on. Well it did, but it was just a black screen. I was starting to panic! I switched it off and on a couple of times and it eventually worked. I am worried now. I won't be able to afford a new one this year. I hope it lasts. Eek! 

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  1. Hope Ellie is well now. We haven't had toffee apples yet, I must make some before Halloween.
    The gelli baff thingy looks like a horror film set to me. Hope your laptop will be working for much longer, and it was just a little glitch.

  2. Hope Ellie is feeling better now. That's a bit of a worry about your laptop, hope it survives! It's great to see that your biggest girl is already in a routine with her GCSE revision. My eldest still isn't putting enough work in for his A Levels.

  3. Hope Ellie is feeling better now. I remember Gelli Baff from a few years ago, not my cup of tea but I bet kids love it #365

  4. not sure I fancy a bath in jelly, is it warm or cold?
    nice she is getting into a good routine with her studying.
    oh no at the laptop, hope it was just a blip.

  5. Hope Ellie feels better now! #365