Monday 8 October 2018

Our weekly meal plan. 8th - 14th of October! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan title

Last weeks meal plan went well. We ate just about everything. The kids did. I had a bowl of cereal one night. It was all I fancied after snotting and coughing all day. The Schwartz Slow Cooker Beef And Ale Stew mix was amazing! I will be getting that again. It was perfect for a chilly day. We ended up just having fresh bread buns with it. 

We have nothing at all on this week apart from the usual work for Stu and school for the kids so I am going to try a couple of new recipes.

Monday - Chicken casserole, mash & veg.
WednesdaySlow cooker scandi spiced meatloaf with mash & veg.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - A fake KFC. Chicken bits, coleslaw, corn on the cob and fries.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort.

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  1. The chicken nachos look good. I may try that. It would be good for tacos too. #MMBC

  2. You'll be using your slow cooker a lot this week then, enjoy your meals x

  3. ohh that meatloaf is the first time i have wanted to try one its it the slow cooker even better. We had nachos on Saturday and they were the best xx

  4. Oh wow - you're trying my nachos! Hope you love them! Thanks xx

    That meatloaf sounds delicious - thanks for linking up x

  5. Ooh another Scandi meatloaf fan here - I've noted that one for another week's plan :)