Tuesday 2 October 2018

Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Rainbow Kit Review! #MySchoolSuppliesSoMe

I have read about Gel-a-Peel for a good few months now and it has caught Ellie's eye too. When I asked her if she wanted to review some she said "yes, I've seen it and always wanted to try it!".

We weren't just sent a Gel-a-Peel set to try, we were being set a challenge to jazz up some school supplies. A multicoloured ring binder, psychedelic note book and pencil case with Gel A Peel. School doesn’t have to be plain notebooks, dreary ring binders and lacklustre pencil cases!

The Gel-a-Peel kit in its box

Your imagination and design skills are as endless as a rainbow with the Gel-a-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit! Use a rich palette of 10 different colours to make over 150 one-of-a-kind accessories to wear or share with your friends! Includes 50+ design templates to follow along, or design your own. Colours include Sparkle Seafoam, Sparkle Fuchsia, Sparkle Coral, and Glow in the Dark Pink.

All the tubes of Gel-a-Peel
6 of the Gel-a-Peel templates

Gel-A-Peel can be used to customise almost anything! The gel formula sticks to most household fabrics and surfaces, allowing you to create endless personalised designs!

Ellie was keen to get started and started with decorating the notebook. Like I said it was our first time using Gel-a-Peel and we found it simple to use. It was just a case of squeezing it onto whatever we wanted. 

The kit comes with different nozzles to put on the tubes of gel-a-peel which gave different effects. Think icing nozzles.

my youngest decorating a notebook wiht Gel-a-Peel
My youngest continuing to decorate a notebook with Gel-a-Peel. Her name, a heart and some starts

Ellie got on really well with it. She didn't go too overboard squirting too much out like I expected her too. She used a different type of nozzle on the pencil case and it looked really pretty and of course had to get something to do with unicorns included. hehehe

Decorating a pencil case with Gel-a-Peel
decorating a folder with Gel-a-Peel

Challenge complete! I think she did a great job at decorating her school supplies. They were cool to start with but now have a little more "Ellie" about them.

As much as I liked Ellie decorating her things I did want to have a go at making some bracelets. I have seen them made on YouTube and other blogs and wanted to see how we did.

They were so simple to make. You just squeezed the gel onto the template and made sure the different colours all touched so when you peeled them off they stuck together. 

Making bracelets with Gel-a-Peel
Making bracelets with Gel-a-Peel

I thought there was no way in the world that these would work but amazingly they did! We left them for a good hour or so to set just to be sure. Hooray! Ellie was so impressed with them and I was too.

The finished bracelets.

Ellie has already added more Gel-a-Peel to her Christmas list. I think it is fantastic for children of her age (11). She managed to do everything herself and her only trouble came with waiting for the gel to dry and set. 

Gel-a-Peel isn't messy at all. I thought it would be but Ellie kept it all where it should be and any that was misplaced was easily peeled off when it dried. 

The Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Rainbow Kit costs £39.99 and even though it seems expensive I think it is worth it. The gel takes quite a while to use and we still have plenty left even after everything we did with it. 

This is one of those things that I would have worried about buying Ellie for Christmas in case it didn't live up to the hype but now I know I can buy it, wrap it, put it under the tree for her and we will be happy with it. 

We were sent this free of charge to try out. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. These kits are fun and creative, I must say I think Elie makes a better job of her bracelets than Clio did! #TriedTested

  2. These look great Kim. My Daughter would love some :) #MMBC

  3. I would have loved this as a girl! It's so cool - fab idea of decorating the pencil case too. #TriedTested