Wednesday 3 October 2018

I sometimes miss the single life #Blogtober18

Throughout October I will be joining in with Big Family Organised Chaos and her linky for Blogtober18. Today's prompt is: Couples.

two little lego people with the text I sometimes miss the single life

Stu and I have been together for just over 12 years. I blogged about how we met and how we got together a couple of years ago. This isn't a blog post breaking up with Stu, I love being part of a couple but after I had Becky I did spend some time as a single mam and over the years, before kids I had my times of being single which was quite nice thinking back. 

I would sleep better!
As much as I like to share a bed and have someone there I don't like the snoring. I admit it. I snore but it doesn't bother me. I'm asleep. lol My fella snores like a freight train! There is only so much digging him in the ribs and shaking the bed I can do. As well as snoring he is a duvet hogger. 

If I was single there would be no his and her side of the bed. Sometimes I would like to sleep next to the window but we are both settled on our own sides. I would have all of the bed.

My word would be law!
Both Stu and I are guilty of undermining each other when it comes to telling the kids what to do. He'll say to the kids go to bed and I'll say they can have 10 more minutes. They will ask for a snack before tea and he will say yes and then I will be the bad one who has to say no. 

I would get to make the rules and run the house my way. If I say no to something or even yes my word would be final.

I can control the money.
Yes there would be less of it but I would be in control of it all. There would be no discussions about what to buy I would get to decide. I could style the house how I wanted too. I could finally get my purple feature wall and purple accessories in the kitchen. We compromise now which is part and parcel of being a couple. I think I would also save money without a man in the house. I would be less tempted to get a takeaway late at night. Most of the places here have a minimum order and as much as I would like to eat a huge pizza I don't think I could alone. 

I would have total control of the TV when the kids are not watching it.
There would be no having to watch "men shows" as I call them. TV shows like Vikings, Forged in Fire, Storage Wars, Curse of Oak Island and Top Gear.

I would learn how to do DIY again.
Stu does all the DIY around the house. I can't remember the last time I even changed a light bulb. I know when I was single I used to do these things for myself and sometimes surprised myself. It gave me a sense of achievement when I completed a task like building some flat pack furniture or wiring a plug without blowing myself up. 

As much as the single life is tempting I love having someone here for cuddles, to cook for, to talk things over with, help with the daily chores, complain to, nip out and get me a bottle of wine, take the bins out and to catch those horrid spiders.

I am sure there would be reasons that Stu would prefer the single life too. Long hair in the plughole, stressing about silly little things, my snoring, the TV shows that I love, me asking questions when we're watching a film and needing it to be explained to me. The Avengers was a great example of this. How can I keep up with all those super heroes and buying too many cakes when I do the weekly shop.

I would never want to go back to the single life though. I am much happier being part of a couple. Stu and I are together forever! We work better as a couple. Together we are unstoppable! 


  1. I couldn't help but LOL at some of your points, especially sleeping better. My husband spent a night from home last week, I slept like a LOG and I'm forcing him to go to his mates next weekend just so I can have the bed. I couldn't live without my hubby, i'm useless, but I think I need to get a bigger house so we can have separate king-sized beds haha! Great post hun x

  2. What an interesting twist on the theme :) I'm so with you though. I spent a few years as a single mum to my eldest two and I loved it. I worked hard, had plenty of money, enjoyed my weekends devoted to my kids, and loved being able to do what I want when I wanted because I was boss. In fact I was so in control that when I first met Graham I was reluctant to let go and I've always been in control of the money, bills, booking holidays etc. The thing is, I'm tired now and I'm so ready to give it all up and let someone do it for me.

  3. I love this post, and I bet there is not one of us agreeing with you x

  4. This is so true, I often long for the days when I was a single mum with Liam. Life was so easy then. I had no one to answer to, I had amazing family support. I wouldn't change change or the two new additions for the world but I wish sometimes I could go back to that time x

  5. I was a single mum for 3 years before I met Ant so I can totally relate to all of this, especially having the bedto myself and Ant's snoring!

  6. Having control of the remote is one of the best feelings lol.

  7. My single days were so long ago. 26 years ago. Yikes! Before, I bought a house by myself, which felt very grown-up at the time. Decision making is much easier, but I wouldn't be without him now. Isn't it funny how sides of beds are decided without much discussion? #MMBC

  8. I don't think I'd like to be single again, although you make some good points! I make sure I'm very involved with the money side of things and as he works so many hours I am often the one in charge of the DIY too! #Blogtober18

  9. I did laugh with the snoring comment, my hubby snores like a freight train too, I can sympathise. Also the man tv oh that drives me mad #Blogtober18

  10. I did smile at some of these! The sleep thing I can totally relate too! Craig snores like a good one! He is so loud.

    You make a lovely couple you and Stu. :) x

  11. This post made me laugh so much and is so true!!! There are certainly so many pros and cons to both! Lol xxx

  12. Ah, the tv remote control. I love when it's shooting season and he's at the pub and I can finally watch Strictly without him turning over.