Friday 19 October 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Phones. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week seems to have all been about phones and phone calls.

For years my dad has ran the O2 family Bolt On where he pays £7.65 and myself, Becky, Stu, my dad and his girlfriend get free texts and phone calls to each other. It's handy because my dad lives at least 150 miles away and I speak to him on the phone at least 3 times a week. He realised last week that they were overcharging him and had been for months. He'd been paying £12.76 for 10 numbers. He went into his local shop and they had to cancel the bolt on and make a new one at the correct price. We waited and it didn't reactivate. Grr! 

I rang O2 on Monday for him to set it up and they said it was all done and they just didn't activate it. We don't know why. Grr! We even went through all the palava of me being on the phone to them and them ringing my dad to check who I was who I said I was.

I tried setting it up online on Tuesday and it said my account wasn't suitable. Grr! Stu tried online and failed so he rang, had a rant and finally set it up. We are all connected again! Well Stu, Becky and I are. My dad and his girlfriend have had enough of O2 and have gone with someone else. The £7.50 still works out cheaper for us and when Ellie gets a phone we can add her number too. It will do until we find something better.

While we were messing about doing this we realised that both Stu and I were on stupidly expensive tariffs. I was paying 35p a minute for a call and 15p for a text and somehow Stu was on an international tariff? lol We both changed to classic pay as you go and we are now paying 3p a minute and 2p a text. I don't ring anyone on my mobile apart from my dad and his girlfriend so it will be better for me.

On Wednesday I got a phone call from Ellie's head of year. I always panic when the school ring but it was just to tell me that Ellie had been sick and needed picking up. I walked up to school and got her and walking home she seemed fine. She got home and was fine and I found out she had a bacon sandwich at school that morning and she said it didn't taste right but still ate it. She thought it was because there was no tomato sauce on it. Grr! She wasn't ill. Once she had got what she had eaten up she felt fine. She went back to school yesterday.

Becky was supposed to have her interview for her part time job on Wednesday but the manager rang to rearrange it for today. She's going to have to rush home from school and then rush to town. Eek! She is really looking forward to it. Not nervous at all.

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  1. Oh boy, it drives you bonkers when you have to deal with things like this doesn't it. We are all on the same phone provider so we don't have to pay for calls to each other, but I have had problems where I've gone over my mobile data (or hubby has) and the charges are ridiculously high, whereas you can increase the limit for just a couple of ££. I don't get it, if it's so cheap why is so expensive to go over? Not fare! Good luck to Becky with her interview, I'm sure she'll do fine. And I'm glad Ellie's sickness was just due to the sandwich. Thanks for linking up to #Wotw xx

  2. Glad you managed to get your phone tariff sorted out and the family bolt on sorted too. It sounds like it was quite a frustrating process to get it set up. Hope that Ellie has been fine since the bacon sandwich and that Becky's interview went well today x #WotW

  3. If nothing else it's good that you changed your tariffs. That is a huge difference. Always fun when companies won't talk to you as you aren't the main account holder. Forever encountering this for my husband, but now having to sort it for my eldest teen too. Frustrating. Glad Ellie is feeling better. Hope Becky's interview went well. #wotw

  4. Oh gosh my youngest had similar experience at the weekend but he drank too much chocolate milkshake, oops! You did well to reduce your phone pill always good to check out now and again and get the best deal X #wotw

  5. Good luck in the interview Becky, and omg o2 are awful I had so much trouble this year with them we said we owed them money we didint ! It got to bailifs it was so stressful, eventually they apologised but it was a nightmare x

  6. Getting phone stuff sorted can be so stressful and time consuming! My sons have pay as you go with no data so whenever I get a sales call about upgrading to a bolt-on style of package I tell them that if they can beat the price of 15p per year then I'll switch - they usually fall about laughing but it's true at this stage that is all they need. #WOTW