Saturday 27 October 2018

Half term is here. #Blogtober18

Throughout October I will be joining in with Big Family Organised Chaos and her linky for Blogtober18. Today's prompt is: Did you survive the October half term!

We broke up for the half term holidays on Thursday and to say we are ready for them is an understatement! I wrote about in my Word of the Week post about how Ellie is run down and Becky is full of cold. We need a break.

We have a few things planned for this next week but mostly we are going to be relaxing. The kids will probably spend too much time playing on electronics but that's fine.

It is of course Halloween next week and we will be carving pumpkins! It's something we do every year and we always have a lot of fun. They were delivered yesterday with the grocery order so we will be busy doing them today. 

The kids want to go trick or treating! I hate taking them out but no doubt they will go on and on and wear me down.

Stu has a couple of days off during the week and we are hoping to have at least one day out even if it's just to the park or if the weather is nice a walk around the lake like we did during the summer. I imagine the scenery has changed a little now that it is Autumn. I am hoping it's not too late to find some conkers.

Of course we will do a bit of baking! Ellie has seen a Unicorn fairy cake kit that she wanted to try out from Tesco which came with the shopping yesterday. She doesn't know I got it so it will be a lovely surprise. hehehe

We are also going to have a big clear out. We do it at this time every year. Ellie is usually reluctant to throw out or donate anything of hers but when it's coming up to Christmas she understands that she needs to make room for new toys.

Considering we were hoping to have a lazy week we do seem to have a lot planned. 

What have you got planned for half term or have you already had yours?


  1. It sounds like a rest and some good fun things to do is definitely what's needed. Having conditions it's even more important that we look after ourselves. #MMBC

  2. Hope you enjoyed half term! We had a big clear out too - it feels so much better! #MMBC