Saturday 20 October 2018

A photo every day for a year! Week 42 of #Project365

This week has been one of those weeks where I have been wrapped up dealing with little annoying things, nothing serious just phone issues, Ellie being sent home from sick from school (she's fine and was by the time she got home) and something with my dad which I won't go on about on here. This week seems to have flown by without me even realising. I did manage a photo every day but there seems an awful lot of food and not so good photos but I guess that's real life. Every week can't be fun exciting snaps. 

Now for a photo every day....

A table full of party food and a kitchen cupboard in need of a clear out.
A slow cooker with chicken curry in. My girls in their uniform ready for school.
A canvas of my family on the wall and a full washing basket.
A photo of some new stuffing balls. Cranberry and pork one's.

286/365 - 13th October
I changed what we I had planned for tea. I had planned on a home made KFC but ended up raiding the freezer for picky party food. I went a bit over the top but it went in the fridge to pick on for the next couple of days.

287/365 - 14th October
I took a photo of the treat cupboard hoping it would inspire me to sort it out. It still looks like that. Oops.

288/365 - 15th October
The best chicken curry I have ever cooked say the kids!

289/365 - 16th October
The kids all ready for school. Before Ellie started secondary school I really worried that she would struggle to get out the door on time but she's been fab. It's her usually waiting for her sister to finish getting ready.

290/365 - 17th October
I won a canvas from Stressed Rach's blog and it arrived on Wednesday! It looks fab up on the wall. 

291/365 - 18th October
It's that time of the year where I am struggling to get the washing done. We don't have a tumble dryer as we have nowhere to put one so we dry everything on airers which take forever to dry anything because I refuse to put the heating on just yet. 

292/365 - 19th October
One of the best thing about Christmas is all the different types of stuffing you can get. I obsess over it and bought some of these. We're having a roast dinner on Monday where I will try them out.


  1. The party food for dinner sounds like a great idea. The stuffing balls look good too.
    WEll done on winning a canvas, it does look fab. My laundry baskets are always full, even if I do it every day.

  2. the tumble dryer is a god send, more so in the rainy wet Summer when no heating is on.
    You do food photos, I do scenery, that is all I seem to take lately.
    Not a lover of stuffing, never have been

  3. Looking forward to half term and it looks like you are too ! Great photos - ooh I'm feeling festive now and want some party food ! :)

  4. Ooh I love stuffing, but I'm a traditional sage and onion fan really. Our kitchen always looks like a chinese laundry. I have 2 clothes horses nearly always in front of the aga (for us it's easier in winter to dry clothes), and do 2-3 wash loads a week, but I'm lazy about folding it as soon as it's done so they tend to just stay out until the next wash is ready to be hung up

  5. Hope Ellie is feeling better now, I don't mind food photo's, love to see new foods i could taste

  6. I'm a massive stuffing fan too. My kids and other half hate it so I just buy it for me LOL

  7. Party food for dinner is a fun idea. Make great leftovers too. #MMBC

  8. I have a similar problem with washing at this time of year for the same reasons. It helps that there are only 2 of us though. Love the canvas.

  9. We do love a good curry here too and stuffing, love stuffing! #365

  10. Washing is so time consuming! I use the tumble dryer for the sheets and towels but don't want to risk our clothes so they end up on airers (we have just given in and put the heating on!) #project365