Tuesday 23 October 2018

What’s That Smell game - Review!

Every now and again we will have an evening of playing games. Some times board games, sometimes games on the Wii and sometimes something a little different. Over the weekend we tried out a brand new game called What's That Smell.

The unique new game from WowWee where taking a sniff makes you a winner. Eagerly anticipated and already gaining fans, it’s the new the scratch & sniff party game that stinks! What's that Smell is the first ever hilarious fragrant guessing party game that opens up to a world of interesting whiffs. Guess the scents correctly to win or suffer the stinky consequences!

Included in the box is 48 Mystery Whiff Cards, 4 Stank Cards & scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, Whiff Strips, score pad and instructions

There is an app associated with the game available from the App Store or Google Play but you don't need it to play. As long as you have a nose, you’re pretty much good to go. 

We didn't bother downloading and using the app because we were trying to have an evening off electronics. 

The app comes with a timer and a ReekCam so that you can record the Whiff of Shame in all of its slow motion glory.

The basics of playing: To play this game you need two to six players. Start the timer, pick a mystery whiff card, brush it gently with a Whiff Strip and try to guess the scent! When the time is up pass it on to the next player and do it all over again until the smell round is over. The best sniffer wins! 

To stop anyone cheating you unfold the first panel and inserts the card in their cardholder so that the smell zone is visible but the answer isn't.

You can earn bonus points by picking the correct smell category. Is it Tutti Fruity, Sweet stuff, Spice it up, Bloomin fresh, Smoke factor, All things chemical or Just plain stinky?

You can also think of the funniest memory or image that the smell triggers for your chance to earn bonus points. The funnier the better!

When the round has finished the person running the game reveals the correct answers for each.

Top smell guess: 5 points.
2nd and 3rd best guesses: 3 points.
Correct category: 1 point.
Funniest association: 2 bonus points.

The person with the highest score is crowned the "Nose-It-All" and gets to pick the player of their choice to smell 1 of the 4 outrageously stinky Stank Cards. They really do stink!

These are truly awful. If you sniff too hard the smell will hit the back of your throat and you will gag! My fella thought he was so clever and had a good whiff of the Diaper Blowout! He regretted it. He could taste it. lol It is the perfect forfeit!

This game is aimed at people over the ages of 14 but Ellie who is 11 wanted to play too and did under close supervision. She was surprisingly good at it. She has a better sense of smell than Becky my teen and my fella. hehehe

This game is such fun! I cried with laughter several times throughout the game. We could have played it all night, the only reason we stopped was because our noses were getting overloaded with scents and everything was starting to smell the same. We did play for over an hour so I think our noses did well.

The smells come across really well and some are easy to guess others are not so easy. I thought one was coconut but it was sunscreen? I was really surprised that both of my girls got cinnamon. One that baffled me was peach! I knew it was a fruit but just couldn't put my finger on what it was. Ellie guessed popcorn correctly I went with nachos and Stu with oat biscuits. All of the smell cards are different. The one's we used were anyway.

You can store the Stank Cards in the plastic bags provided so they don't leave a stink. I don't know how long the scents on the cards will last but I think if they are stored correctly they will be good to play with again and again. 

This would be a perfect game to play for family get together's over Christmas and the New Year. 

What's That Smell? is available to buy for around £24.99 from Smyths, Argos, Amazon.

We were sent this game free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. OMG, that game sounds so much fun! I always think sun-cream reminds me of coconut anyway so I think you did well with that scent!

  2. This looks so different and great fun for all ages. #TriedandTested

  3. Oh what fun, some of those smells sound truly vile! #TriedTested

  4. Oh gosh - hot chunky vomit? There are no words.