Wednesday 31 October 2018

My rules for Trick or Treating! #Blogtober18

When I was a child we only went trick or treating a few times. My dad only took us to people's houses that we knew and wouldn't dream of knocking on a strangers door.

I think that's why I am not so keen on taking my girls out trick or treating but times have changed and it is more popular now than it was 30 odd years ago. 

Gone are the carved turnips that I had when I was a child and pumpkins are the done thing now. The costumes are fancier. I remember going out one year as a child with a witches hat and a black bin bag with a head hole cut out. My brother was a ghost with eye holes cut out of a sheet. lol

I do have a set of rules that we stick to while we are out trick or treating.

We tend to go out just as it's coming in dark. The street lights are not great where I live and when it is dark I use the flashlight on my mobile phone to avoid all the dog poo.

We respect other people and their property. We don't trample through flower beds and gardens. I make sure that my girls are polite and say "thank you". They sometimes do forget especially if they get a nice treat and the excitement takes over.

We only visit houses which are lit up and have Halloween decorations up.

We always have comfy shoes on. My girls can easily be out for a couple of hours, walking miles.

We always stick together. I don't want either of them wandering off. They won't get lost but there are always a lot of people out and some could be trouble.

We throw away sweets which are unwrapped or have loose wrappings. I know a lot of people mean no harm but you don't know where the sweets have been. I don't let it eat them until they get home just so I can check everything.

I have a set time when we will come back home. I know if I don't set a time the kids would be out there all night.

Are you going out trick or treating?


  1. We leave near a lot of older people so we don't take the kids around here. But if we did, like you we'd only take them to the houses of people we knew or were had halloween decorations on display.xx

  2. The one and only time I went trick or treating as a kid we got chased off someone's front path because someone else had egged his house! Oops...
    I never let my kids go, but just in the last 10 years the whole Halloween thing has taken off much more round here. Last night there were loads of houses with more decorations than at Christmas! I saw loads of Spidermans (Spidermen?) for some reason.