Friday 12 October 2018

This week my Word of the Week is: Bits. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

image of the word bits

I found it really hard to pick one word for this week. Not much has been going on. We've had a quiet week with just little bits of things to write about.

Ellie has been wanting to join the trampoline club since before she joined the secondary school but they have put it on a morning, not after school. She has been doing really well at getting up on time for school but to do the trampoline club she would have to leave for school at about 7.20am which is too early, especially with the mornings being darker. So, she decided she had to find an after school club to join and has gone for the Rugby club. She had her first session on Wednesday and loved it. They were learning how to tackle. It's none of the babyish touch rugby, it's proper rugby. Eek! Her words not mine! 

My Christmas shopping is well underway. I have had a few deliveries from Amazon with things for the kids. Becky's main present and a few smaller bits. I won a £50 Smyths Toys voucher from Chelsea Mamma which will get Ellie a few things which she has been wishing for and I won a Canvas print from Stressed Rach which is going to be a Christmas present for either my dad or my great Aunt. I feel so lucky to win competitions in the run up to Christmas. It really helps out a lot. 

We had a rubbish night on Wednesday. Ellie was sick in her bed just before 1am. I am no good with vomit so woke Stu up to help deal with it. He got rid of the sick and we changed the bed. Ellie was sick a couple of more times and I thought that was it and she went back to bed but she was awake every couple of hours complaining about feeling sick so she ended up in my bed with Stu moving to the sofa. We had a lazy day watching films. Today Ellie is still not right. She hasn't been sick again but she's not her normal self. She's having another day off school.

We have a busy day tomorrow. We have the usual housework to do. We all club together and we have a good clean on a Saturday morning. It's how the kids earn their pocket money. hehehe then we are going to spend the afternoon reviewing a few bits which have been sent to us to try out. More Gel-a-Peel, a game and box of unicorn goodies. 

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  1. Oh poor Ellie, sick bugs are horrible things. Hope she is back to her usual self soon. Glad she enjoyed doing rugby. You are very organised with the Christmas shopping - I haven't started to think about it yet! #WotW

  2. Well done on your wins, they really help with the Christmas budget don't they. Poor Ellie, I hope she's feeling better soon. We have a weekend of reviews planned too, it good fun isn't it. Have a great weekend x #wotw

  3. Some you win. Some you don't. Sorry Ellie is feeling bad. I can't deal with sick either. I'm glad she is enjoying rugby. My son has joined the rugby club too and loves it, which surprised me. Well done on your wins. I'm not ready to start Christmas planning, but know I should. Love how you get the family involved in the cleaning. A very good move. #wotw

  4. Oh poor Ellie, I hope she doesn't share it around. I've done a little Christmas shopping but winning prizes is great. (I've got one coming up in a couple of weeks you might be interested in.) I remember we won a big prize that was delivered on Christmas Eve a few years back, good job as it was huge, I'd never have been able to hide it. (It was a toy kitchen.) x

  5. A very mixed week. I'm glad the rugby club is a hit, but eugh to the sickness bug. I hope Ellie's feeling better tomorrow, and that you have fun with your reviews x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. Oh gosh, a very bitty week. We had the sick bug too. I hope everyone is over it all now! #WOTW

  7. Ah poor Ellie I hope she is feeling better now. Well done for winning the competitions but wow you are so organised, I think I have bought 1 present I need to start thinking about it x