Monday 17 October 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Blue Raspberry Vodka from JJ Whitley - Review!

I like to experiment with different drinks at this time of year whether they're hot drinks or alcoholic one's. Recently I was sent the prettiest bottle of Vodka that I've ever seen to try out.

JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Vodka

With a rich tradition of crafting premium quality spirits J.J Whitley draws upon eight generations of distilling expertise. Beginning with the classic artisanal vodka and dry gin they’ve created a rainbow of innovative infusions designed for your drinking pleasure. There seems to be a flavour for every taste.

Blue raspberry vodka

I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of JJ Whitley's Blue Raspberry Vodka to try out. The vodka it's self is just as dramatic as it's stunning metallic bottle. 

The raspberry vodka is full of fruity notes and is super easy to mix, tasting great in a variety of serves: in a cocktail, as a long drink or by itself, the options are endless. An immediate fruity raspberry note on the nose with ripe, rich berries on the palate and a smooth and sweet raspberry flavour lingers on the finish.

Distilled in a unique production process and the use of the only the highest quality  winter wheat, creates a full bodied vodka with a silky smoothness, fused with the best raspberries from Speyside, Scotland.

Blue Raspberry Vodka
You taste raspberry from the first sip and the sweetness of it but it isn't too sweet that it's sickly. It is so good. I half imagined it just being flavoured vodka without the colour but it is actually blue which made me smile thinking of all of the cocktails that I could make with it.

I did have a taste of it neat and it nearly blew my socks off. It was so strong, not what I am used to drinking. I much prefer my drinks with a mixer so I added ice and lemonade. So simple but so good. It tastes a lot like those blue ice pops and slushies from my childhood but with a less chemically taste or the blue alcopops you can now buy but stronger.

You do have to be careful with it as it doesn't feel like your drinking 38% vol vodka with a mixer, it tastes a lot like a soft drink. Eek! When I have finished the vodka inside I will be keeping the bottle as it's so pretty. I think it will make a brilliant candle holder.

Blue Raspberry Vodka with lemonade

With Halloween coming up this could be perfect to include in cocktails for an adult party and thinking further ahead a bottle would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone.

You can buy the JJ Whitley vodka's including the Blue Raspberry one from most supermarkets and places which sell alcohol. I think I have even seen it in our independent corner shop. Prices vary but most places I have seen it on sale for about £15.00 which I think is a fantastic price for a 70 cl sized bottle.

I was sent a bottle of the Blue Raspberry Vodka from JJ Whitley free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. That is indeed a beautiful bottle! Flavored vodka does make some really great drinks, and you're right--you have to be careful as sometimes they taste so good, it doesn't feel like an alcoholic beverage.

  2. I love the colour of the bottle its so beautiful!! I have a couple of old blue vodka bottles that I use for water. Looks so pretty on the dinner table and everyone always comments how much better the water tastes when it comes out of the blue bottle! Haha!!

  3. That is a pretty bottle and it's a good price too. I'm a fan of vodka, everyone seems to drink gin these days but I've tried it with all sorts of mixers and I just don't like it, give me vodka any day. xx

  4. Now I do drink vodka it is the one drink we all drink, will have to try this even if it is just for the colour

  5. I drank vodka when I was a student but am more of a wine drinker now. I love the colour of this vodka and the blue raspberry flavour sounds delicious! Maybe one to try :o)


  6. Gorgeous bottle! I wonder if I can get it here, I will certainly look for it. Thanks, Kim!!


  7. Blue drinks remind me of my youth - lol. But I do love raspberry so this sounds yummy!

  8. That is a beautiful bottle and looks lovely. I wouldn't be able to drink it neat either! Yes, you could make some lovely cocktails with it xxx

  9. Wow, that blue bottle looks fab! This would be great to bring along to a dinner/Christmas party. Loving the blue colour of the drink too. What's your favourite mixer? #blogtober22