Tuesday 25 October 2022

Some alternative Halloween costumes for adults. #Blogtober22

I am taking part in Blogtober 2022 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October. Today's prompt is: Halloween costumes!

Halloween costumes are fun but I think at nearly 43 years old I am a little too old for the spooky, scary Halloween costumes. I want to think I am anyway. I feel too grown up to wear the typical Halloween costumes which can sometimes can seem a little tacky for us adults. I was out to find something a little different and I came across a whole host of things on Amazon!

Holding a pumpkin

The Halloween dresses that I found on Amazon were just fantastic. Way better than the typical witchy one's or Morticia Addams one's that you think of when it comes to Halloween. There were a couple that I would be tempted to wear all year around.

Halloween dresses
Halloween dresses 2

Wellwits Women's Spider Web Collar Bat Embroidery Halloween Vintage Dress.
Fashion Star Womens Halloween Dress.
Toamen Women Pumpkin Skull SkaterProm Swing Dress.
Women's Pumpkin Witch Pattern Printed Dress. 
Women's Gold Foil Floral Skull Print T-shirt Dress.
Women's Halloween Dress Long Sleeve Pumpkin Printed Cocktail Swing Dress.

If you don't fancy going full on Halloween you could always just wear a Halloween themed t-shirt with some jeans or pants. As Becky has got older she has just gone for a Halloween themed t-shirt as she thought that she was too old for a kids costume. Here are some, that I also found on Amazon! 

Halloween t-shirts
More Halloween t-shirts

Pumpkin Short Sleeve Bat Print Graphic Tee.
It's Hocus Pocus Time Witches Girls Ladies Women T-Shirt.
Halloween Themed Maternity Tops.
Womens Hand Painted Funny Halloween Skeleton Print Shirt. 
Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Reverse Seam Women's T-Shirt.
Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Silhouette T-Shirt.

What are you wearing for Halloween this year?


  1. I love how many Halloween themed dresses there are this time of year. I have a few that I enjoy wearing around Halloween.

  2. Those dresses are all very cute. I really like the idea of being comfortable :-p Especially if you are out and about.

  3. When I was younger, I'd have bought one of the beautiful dresses you showed. Now at my age, I just buy a T shirt. I really need a new one.

  4. I love that you can get Halloween dresses now, they really are great. I love the t-shirts and they are great for those, like my girls, who don't like to get fully dressed up but are invited to a party. xx

  5. Love these. Rebecca loves to wear Halloween dresses all the time. I need one! xxx