Monday 31 October 2022

A round up of Blogtober22.

I am taking part in Blogtober 2022 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October. Today's prompt is: Happy Halloween / Round up of the month.

Here we are at the end of October and at the end of another Blogtober! I have posted a post following the prompts every day throughout the month. With some posts I might have stretched the meaning of the prompt a little but they were all pretty fitting. Like on day 11, What are you scared of I shared a review of the game Zombie Kittens. Zombies are something to be scared of. hehehe

Autumn scene

October is probably my favourite month of blogging as I am so organised. With knowing the prompts I can get the blog posts written up for the whole month pretty early, well most of them and then it gives me chance to have a little break from writing blog posts apart from my regular one's like my Meal Plan Monday, my Word of the Week blog post and Project 365. I should take that time to write blog posts for November and December but the break has been lovely!

It was nice to see a lot of familiar blogs joining in with Blogtober and it was also nice to find some new blogs to read. The Nutmeg Millennial and the HarassedMom to name a couple. I read about so many books from Amanda at Your Book Friend. I am not a big reader but blogs like her's really do get me interested in them again.

It was funny reading the first few days of the Blogtober posts where a few people said they weren't going to bother with it but then saw my post about it and felt they wanted to join in. I think it's the only time I have been a real influencer. hehehe Jo and Leisa who jointly blog at Joleisa joined in and I have loved reading their posts. I enjoy reading their posts anyway but getting one for most of the month has been a real treat.

It was so good to reconnect with Vicky from Miss Tilly and Me. I've read her blog off and on for years and she is such a lovely person and the fantastic Shell who for the prompt My Favourite Bloggers chose me which shocked me so much and made me smile from ear to ear! I feel like I have got to know quite a few other bloggers too.

I think my favourite posts that I have shared over the last month has been The Autumn Tag: This or That. I have been blogging 10 years next month so it is nice to find a tag that I haven't done on my blog and sharing our struggles with my families Mental Health.

I am sad to see October and Blogtober end. It has been a great month. November is tomorrow and that's when I can get excited about my blogs 10th anniversary, my birthday and Christmas!

How was October for you?


  1. Hehe, we ran out of steam before the month ended but we really enjoyed it. I like getting the prompts to go off. Sometimes I really lack focus and ideas to blog about. So if you have other prompts, send them my way. As all our kids have grown up, we only have each other but we do still love blogging. We do write a lot, but it's for others, sadly.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours and I don't think I've missed any. I got used to checking out a few others' blogs too. Thanks so much for introducing us to Blogtober.

  2. I agree it has been lovely having the prompts and being able to be organised with posts. Vicky is lovely. I have loved Blogtober and managing to complete every day, although some days were off topic. I am now looking forward to birthdays and Christmas

  3. It's nice you enjoyed writing from prompts this month. You're really good at being creative in your interpretations too.

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogtober posts Kim! Well done for posting every day that is such a huge achievement. I thought about joining but then I chickened out. Maybe next year šŸ˜ŠCongratulations on you upcoming 10 year anniversary of blogging xx

  5. Congrats for keeping it up all month! I like to plan out all my blog posts at least a month in advance so I can work ahead and plug away at them in my spare time.

  6. Yay! Well done completing Blogtober, I've loved reading your posts. Congrats on your upcoming blogging anniversary too! I forgot my tenth anniversary of my current blog was in February-oops! Ooh, it's your birthday month and yes things start looking Christmassy from now... :-) xxx

  7. Glad to read about your blog challenge and how you keep writing. Maintaining a blog is not really easy and it needs more time, organizing and patience. There are times that I stay away from the blog. This is also because I am not well-organized with scheduled posts. Glad to know that you are better organized for the next months.
    Happy Blogging!

  8. I loved the this or that post as well - I loved it so much I also had to do it :)

  9. Well done Kim, you did great all month. I have become hooked on the same two bloggers that you mentioned. That's what I love about Blogtober, finding new blogs to follow. xx

  10. Great job Kim - I'm grateful you shared for the whole month. It's such a positive post.

  11. 10th anniversary for the blog, that's impressive, well done! My birthday is this month too. :D

  12. Well done for completing another Blogtober! I always love reading your posts, but you know that already haha!
    I would love to join in one year, I just don't think I'd be able to keep it up. xx