Friday 7 October 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Breakfast! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I am usually so bad at eating breakfast. I never make the time for it and on the odd occasion that I do eat at breakfast time it's usually a cereal bar but this week I have excelled myself and eaten breakfast every day this week. I feel like I need to give myself a pat on the back.

On Monday I had a busy day and was up early and ate breakfast and by mid morning I was hungry again. That's the thing, if I eat breakfast I always feel hungrier sooner no matter what I eat. It felt so strange Stu being at work on his usual day off. He swapped so he could come along to parents evening for Ellie later in the week.

Becky and I went out for breakfast on Tuesday while she was in town getting her Covid booster. She works in a care home so she had the chance to have her booster early. I know lots of people don't agree with the vaccines or boosters but it is our choice to have them. She felt fine afterwards apart from the sore arm so much so that she went to meet up with some of her friends.

Stu had his day off from work on Wednesday and we decided to do some more Christmas shopping of course stopping for breakfast while we were out. I finally got the American breakfast from Wetherspoons. I think next time I will ask then to swap the sausages for extra hash browns as they didn't really go with the pancakes and maple syrup. I got extra mushrooms too because I love mushrooms on a breakfast.

American breakfast

Fuelled up from our breakfasts we hit the shops and got quite a few more presents for Christmas. B&M have some fab stuff in for older kids and teenagers. Xbox, Playstation, Harry Potter and Friends gifts. We also had a look around Primark and I think the girls have either bought everything or we have and have already put it away for Christmas. We only came out with a couple of pairs of pj's. I do love their fleecy pj's although I have noticed they are going way over the top with all the Disney stuff. Some of it is lovely but there's just too much. I want to see Harry Potter and more Marvel stuff. hehehe

Ellie has had a good week. We had her parents evening that went so well. She is working hard at school and the teachers are all pleased with her. We couldn't be prouder! She also had a visit to one of the local colleges that she will hopefully be attending next year. It seems crazy that this time next year she will have done a month at college. Eek!

For breakfast today I will be having sweet pastries which are being delivered with the food shop. They're usually my treat for the week although I do seem to have had a few treat breakfasts lately. hehehe

I hope you have had a good week?

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  1. I'm a breakfast bar type of person too. I've never really enjoyed cereal and a cooked breakfast is too much work. If I don't have any breakfast bars then I'll make myself some toast. The kids love their cereal though. Well done on your Christmas shopping! xx

  2. I never eat breakfast and I only usually start to get hungry around 10 am. That's the time when I want to tuck into some bacon, eggs, hash browns and everything!! Congratulations to Ellie for working hard and doing well at school. You and Stu must be so proud. I hope you have a great weekend xx

  3. I'm rubbish at eating breakfast but I do keep breakfast bars in the car for days when I forget to eat in the mornings. Good for you for managing it each day. That American breakfast looks yummy. Well done to Ellie on doing so well at school. I'm impressed at how organised you are with Christmas shopping! #WotW