Wednesday 5 October 2022

A day in the life! #Blogtober22

 I am taking part in Blogtober 2022 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October. Today's prompt is: Day in the life!

If I had known this was going to be a prompt I would have held off posting about how my average Monday's go which I shared a few weeks ago. hehehe They usually involve a lot of housework. In fact most of my days involve a lot of housework, tidying, organising and cleaning. Last year I shared another day in my life where it was doing all the jobs around the house, blogging and cooking the evening meal. Watching the video back it turns out it was October of previous year I wrote and filmed it because I saw a clip of me looking a the blogtober linky. lol


Anyway, an average day is boring to read about. Well I think it is. I want to tell you about the average Friday for me. I call them Friday fun day's as they always are a lot of fun.

9 times out of 10 I get the food shop delivered on a Friday morning, just after Ellie has gone to school. I get that all put away and have a nice pastry that I always buy with a cuppa. It really is a nice treat to start the day. 

I will have the quickest tidy up around the house and then get myself ready to go out. 
I will then stop off at the cafe for something substantial to eat and have a chat with the people that run it, they're a lovely couple.

breakfast from the cafe

Then I like to go to have a look around our local auction. It's been a while since I last bought anything from the auction but I always think the one week that I don't go and see what they have that will be the week where they have loads for me to buy.

If I haven't seen my dad at the cafe or auction I will head to his where he will usually have me doing something for him on the computer. Considering he is 70 odd years old he does do well with things on the computer, he does well considering he didn't know how to use one about 15 years ago. I will spend some time with him and his partner before I head off.

If Becky has a day off from work and come out with me we will usually walk home and stop off at the pub for a cheeky drink and a game of pool. It is nice to spend some one on one time with her out of the house. We only have one alcoholic drink and then if we have time half a pint of cola and a packet of crisps. Crisps always seem to taste better from the pub even though they're the same one's that I get from the supermarket.

At the pub

By half past three we are rushing home just in time for Ellie getting home from school. She will of course text me and ask to play out with her friends. Usually I say yes as long as it's not raining. I like to give her the freedom while we still have some of the light nights left. In a month or so she won't be able to play out as it will be dark.

Most Friday evenings we have either pizza or fish and chips. Something nice and easy for me to make my family after I have had a day out gallivanting. hehehe When everyone has eaten and is settled I plonk myself into my armchair with my laptop and write my blog posts for the next week while watching TV.

I really do love Friday's, it's a great way to roll into the weekend. 

How do you spend your Friday's?


  1. I love the sound of your Fridays. Mine are usually the same as every other day. From next week though as C finishes half day Wednesday and Friday we are either doing the good shop one afternoon and swimming the other one. We went food shopping today instead of me getting it delivered and she said it was fun probably as it cost me more

  2. I like the idea of fun Fridays, after I finish work on a Friday I feel nice and relaxed knowing its the weekend coming.

  3. Your Fridays sound great fun. I used to love spending one on one time with my eldest daughter, I think she misses that a lot. I think looking around the auction would be fun too, we used to do that many years ago, and go with my ex husband's sister. She was quite addicted. We always had a take out on Friday too, but we seem to have become bored of take out food lately, we all like different things and it ends up really expensive or lots of arguing. I miss the days when I would go with Graham to the local chippy and everyone was happy. It's always nice to have one day a week to look forward too.

  4. I love Day In The Life posts and I loved reading about your Friday. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Your baked beans, sausages and eggs look so good. My stomach just growled. I kid you not!! Lol.

  5. Your Fridays sound really relaxed and fab! Nice to still have your dad around so it's good to help him out with computer related stuff.

  6. Oh I love your Fun Fridays! Breakfast at the cafe sounds amazing. I like looking in antique shops with my mum- we need to find an auction and go to it! I love that you and Becky go for a pint together. I always follow alcohol with a diet coke so similar to you both having a coke lol. Yes- crisps and nuts taste better from the pub- how? lol xxx

  7. I love the sound of your fridays and your hair is awesome! I am all for recycling things too. I havent been to an auction for years but love a charity shop rummage.

  8. Our Fridays typically start with the 3 that head off to work and school leaving pretty early and then Evan and I might tackle a subject or two before heading out to meet up with our hiking group. We hike until lunchtime and then I spend my afternoon reading, folding laundry, and working on the blog before starting dinner around 5. Tonight we're having homemade pizzas and then my husband and I will go do a quick grocery run.

  9. I love the idea of fun Fridays! Thanks for sharing.