Wednesday 12 October 2022

My favourite bloggers! #Blogtober22

I am taking part in Blogtober 2022 and will be writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October. Today's prompt is: My favourite bloggers!

I have been blogging for almost 10 years. I got into blogging after reading blogs that I found while entering competitions. Lots of the blogs that I used to read 10 years ago have gone. I looked back on an old post I had written about my favourite blogs and less than half are still blogging and when I did a check on broken links it was sad to see that old blogs are no longer there. I miss the likes of Tween, teen, toddler, Lisa's life, all about her and her dog Stella, Ojo's World and many more.


Blogging has changed since I started blogging. A lot of bloggers now see blogging as a way to make money and good on them but I do miss reading about peoples lives, those personal posts. I think that is why I like Blogtober so much, people go back to basics with blogging and write about things more personal.

The oldies but the goodies!

Jayne from Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs is my best blogging buddy. I don't know how we ended up talking but she is someone I could go to for any advice when it comes to blogging or even just a good old chat about anything else. She is a lovely person. Jayne is the host of the Monday Morning blog Club. A linky where you just link your blog and people choose what post to comment on. I have found so many blogs to follow through it. Obviously it's ran on a Monday!

Mum of 3 world

I think one of the first blogs I became hooked on was Mum of Three World. Her children are a little older than mine and they really are amazing kids. Although she blogs a lot less about her children now, who are mostly no longer children, they're adults or almost I love reading about her running even though I am not a runner and the new addition to the family, Hetty the cockapoo puppy.

I have been following the life of Anne and her family for years. She blogs at Raisie Bay. Anne lives with a Chronic illness, her daughter Star has her own health problems, Boo is the same age as Ellie and Little Man is just a sweetheart! She blogs about a little bit of everything, I think that is the appeal. Anne is also the host of one of my favourite linkies, Word of the Week which is ran every Friday!

Chicken Ruby

Suzanne at Chickenruby has had quite an adventurous life living and travelling all over the world but has settled back down in the UK now and I love reading about her and her life. She blogs a lot about her thoughts, garden and day to day life.

Blogs which are pretty new to me.

Joanne's blogs at Slices of Life. I am sure I discovered her through Monday Morning Blog Club. She lives by a lake and has some stunning views, I am interested in her hiking and the food that she eats. It is amazing! 

Play, Work, Eat Repeat is written by the lovely Ruth who lives in Australia. I am fascinated how she is just going into spring while we are in Autumn! I love reading about her life. 

Astrid writes at A Multitude of Musings and I love reading her blog. She writes about her life in the care home where she lives. The crafts that she does are fantastic and I enjoy reading about the thoughts that she has.

I love reading about Carol's life in Florida. She blogs at Comfort SpringHer pictures are beautiful. I love seeing pictures of her garden and house, seeing the delicious recipes that she publishes and sharing other peoples gardens and views.

What blogs are you loving at the moment?


  1. aww thanks for including me, we definitely move in the same circles because swap my blog for yours and our lists would be the same :) (I've not managed a post today, bit too much going on, but reading is helping me take my mind off things) xx

  2. Great list of blogs, some I know, and love, and some new to me. I'm the same, love reading personal, day to day blogs but it's harder to find now. I loved the old blogspot days were everyone had a list of blogs they read on the sidebar and they were all like that. I am guilty of being one of the ones who now uses it for my job. I love it as it means I can work around the kids, but I do miss the days when my blog was actually a diary about each day. I always say I'll set up a second blog and once it's doing well, only do paid work there but I never get around to do it. One day, I'll have a blog just for day to day musings, days out, books and crafts again... I love Blogtober too xxx

  3. Great list of blogs to check out! Thank you!

  4. You have chosen some great blogs, and some that are new to me so need to check them out. I do love how we find someone who we just click with that is supportive

  5. You are so sweet to include my little blog as one of your favorites. I would definitely have yours on my list. Love hearing about your family. Happy Tuesday!

  6. I miss how blogging used to be too. Nice to see some of my favourites up there.

  7. I see so many of my favorites on this list too! Thanks so much for including me on your list!!

  8. Awww, thank you my blogging bestie! I'm so glad that I met you through this blogging malarkey. I LOVE our little natters, hehe.
    I really like all of the bloggers that you mentioned, and there's a couple I will have to pop over to and have a read. Obvs, Life As Kim is my favourite though! 😉 xxx

  9. Ha! How cool that Suzannes blog is on her. We worked together while she was in South Africa :)

  10. Love this list of bloggers. I'll definitely be checking them out. I feel really out of touch since there was a bit of a mass departure of long standing family bloggers a few years ago. #blogtober22 x

  11. I love your list and it makes me agree even more that it takes all kinds of people to make the world interesting. I love Ann's blog and definitely want to check out some of the others you follow too! Great post, by the way. Oh, and I do love reading your blogs too.

  12. I love discovering new blogs

  13. Great list! Thanks for sharing — I’ll be checking out a few of those bloggers soon.

  14. This is such a great way to find new blogs and meet new bloggers. I will admit, these are all new to me, so my world has opened up a little bit more today. Everyones little corner of the internet is so special to them, isnt it?

  15. I don’t know how I missed this post!! Thank you so much Kim. I absolutely love reading your blog and it’s on my favourites list for sure!! It’s been great getting to know you and your lovely family. I agree with how so many blogs are all about making money now. A lot of blogs that I used to really love reading. Are sadly now sometimes just a long list of affiliate links!