Saturday 8 October 2022

Week 40 of #Project365 1st - 7th October. A photo every day for a year!

October and Week 40 of Project 365, I keep saying it but where has this year gone? My mind is starting to think about Christmas and I have done such a big chunk of Christmas shopping. I got lots of it delivered over the last week and Stu and I went to town midweek and got quite a bit from B&M Stores. Yesterday I even got Ellie a present with the food shop from Iceland. lol It's not anything frozen, it was from the homeware section. lol 

During the week I did think about putting the heating on but then ended making a pan of soup and by the time I had sat back down I was cosy and warm again. Phew! I've seem to have been so busy over the last week, out with Becky, then shopping, parents evening, housework and lots of stuff inbetween. 

Now for a photo everyday! 

Top of Vodka bottle and a flower
A muffin and chopped onions
Cadbury's advent chocolate bar
Youngest helping in the kitchen and credit on energy account

274/365 - 1st October
I was sent a bottle of Vodka to feature on my blog, the review is coming soon, it is such a pretty one and tastes good too.

275/365 - 2nd October
There's still life in my garden. It actually felt quite warm outside on Sunday, warmer than inside anyway.

276/365 - 3rd October
My 2nd breakfast. Whenever I have breakfast early I always get hungry again mid-morning no matter what I eat.

277/365 - 4th October
I made the carrot and coriander soup. Usually I use frozen onions but was following the recipe and using fresh. My eyes did not appreciate it. They were stinging and watering. 

278/365 - 5th October
The Cadbury's advent chocolate bar did make me chuckle. I was tempted to get my girls one to see who could make it last 25 days. I think it would be lucky to last 5. lol

279/365 - 6th October
I had Ellie helping me out in the kitchen. I was making tea, the least she could do was put the dishes away. To be honest it's one job that she doesn't mind doing.

280/365 - 7th October
I checked my energy account and noticed that the £66 from the government had been credited to our account. Every little helps at the moment.

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  1. I just saw some chocolate advent calendars this morning but was afraid I'd eat them all in just a few sittings! LOL. I too try to eat breakfast later otherwise I definitely need another "snack" before lunch.

  2. i've already eating 2 packs of chocolate coins I'd bought for N's advent calendar. Oops. I've started Christmas shopping too. Just a few bits for people. I think most will be smaller gifts this year, so hopefully it won't be too painful. Ths OH put the heating on this evening. I don't know why because I was toasty warm with all my layers, and N was wearing shorts and t shirt!

  3. There is no way that chocolate bar would last in our house! Haha. I'd give it a day, or maybe a morning!
    Ellie is a good girl helping you. Jayden is pretty good at helping me when he's not gaming. x

  4. I'd be surprised if that chocolate lasted an evening, no way would it last 25 days. hubby would eat only a chunk a day though.

  5. I agree with you about the advent bar, it would all of two seconds in our house LOL

  6. I love coriander and use it in so many dishes! The choc advent bar is a good idea if you have willpower... #project365

  7. We’ve had nasturtiums appear in the garden recently as well. I never think of using frozen onions in recipes. It would definitely reduce the eye watering from using fresh ones! I’m not sure the Dairy Milk advent bar would last 25 days here either! #project365