Friday 28 October 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Old! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


When I think back over the past week I think the word "old" sums up our week pretty well. Old things, feeling old and old places.

I did the annual tidying out of the cupboard under the stairs, the cupboard of doom. I do it at this time every year. Partly because the boiler man was coming to do the yearly gas check and partly so I can make space for Christmas things. Last year Stu must have cleaned the cupboard out because there were shoes and bags in there which were old, things that we've not worn and used in years and things I would have thrown out last year. lol I was ruthless. There was 3 piles: keep, bin and donate. I think I did a good job, it is a lot less cluttered now.

On Sunday we were very excited about the new episode of Doctor Who. Ellie has been slowly watching the old episodes and is enjoying watching the David Tennant one's so imagine her joy when she saw the Jodie Whittaker doctor regenerate into the David Tennant one!! We were all a lot surprised, shouting what, what, what at the TV. I am just gutted we have another year to wait for the next episode.

Stu, Ellie and me went to Hull on Monday to do a bit of Christmas shopping and noticed that Hull's Old Town had been made to look older with World War 2 decorations and things. We thought it might have been WW1 and could be something to do with Remembrance Day. Nope, on Tuesday when Stu left work there were trucks with huge green screens on and then on Wednesday roads were closed and they were filming for the Netflix show The Crown. I thought it was so interesting.

The boiler man came to do the gas safety check on Wednesday, he was supposed to come on Tuesday but forgot. Ugh! He had no other excuse. Last year when he came he replaced a part on the boiler and struggled to get a part and said it will need replacing soon but it turns out the old boiler is running fine, the issue he had was with our old gas fire. 

Old gas fire

He did a smoke test on it and it wasn't pulling the smoke back like it should. He ended up saying it wasn't safe and condemned it. He capped the gas pipe so it's just sat there at the moment blocking the hole in the fireplace. The landlord is getting us a new one, hopefully one which looks a little more modern than the one we have. (This is an old picture, we haven't just reconnected the fire.) 

This week saw us get a new Prime Minister. It made me chuckle, it is the first time I am older than our Prime Minister. Ellie said Rishi and I would have been in the same year at school but I am still older than him. lol I haven't seen much of the news since he walked into number 10 but saw a clip of him doing Prime Minister's Questions and it looked like he was loving his life. He stepped up and gave as good as he got. I am not a fan of the conservatives but I do think Rishi Sunak will do a better job than Liz Truss.

I came up with a great idea for Ellie for Christmas! A record player. She is so into music and has been wanting to collect vinyl but I thought record players were so expensive but it turns out they have some decent one's online for around £35. I was all set to get her one until I looked at the list of records that she wanted. Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and the Arctic Monkeys to name a few. It turns out they cost the same as record player! I remember when records used to be cheap and tapes & CD's cost more. I saw a video on TikTok why Generation X is angry. They had to replace their record collection with tapes, then tapes with CD's, then CD's for MP3's and then digital subscriptions. Now it's gone full circle and the young one's are buying records. lol It makes me feel old. lol

How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one!

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  1. Great week! I like that records are coming back in as it makes me feel like now they realised that they didn't need to banish them afterall, lol. That fireplace reminds me of one I had in my old house. I hope you like the new one. Pity they didn't give you a choice, huh?

  2. I still have a huge vinyl collection, maybe some of it might be worth selling?? I hope you get a nice new fire soon. I remember when my gas fire was condemned and it was so nice to get a new one. I don't have a fire or fireplace anymore and that's one of the things I really don't like about new build houses. x

  3. My nephew has some records and I too was shocked at how much they cost now!

  4. How exciting that they were filming The Crown.
    It's good that your landlord will sort you out with a new fire. Thank goodness the engineer came before your old one caused any real problems.
    I can't bear to think about Christmas yet, but I know it has to be done. I find it such hard work! My husband gives me varying amounts of help every year, so it's mainly down to me, but I'm already busy and don't have room in my life for getting organised for Christmas :(