Saturday 1 October 2022

Week 39 of #Project365 24th - 30th September. A photo every day for a year!

These weeks seem to be going in such a blur. Knowing that it's October today and there are a lot of postal strikes coming I have cracked on with the Christmas present buying. I started to have a little panic partly about the presents getting here and partly because Ellie is so hard to buy for. I have got her main present, a phone and a few things off her Amazon wish list and surprisingly a few things from Smyths.

Hasn't it got cold over the past week. The extra duvets are back on the beds, I'm wrapping up well but the same can't be said for my family. They were walking around with no socks on and thin pj's with t-shirts the other night complaining they were cold and they wanted the heating on. Nope, no way! Not until they dress appropriately for the weather. lol

Now for a photo every day! 

Pizza and pumpkin
Meatballs and a conker
Sunflower and a toy catalogue
Foggy outside

267/365 - 24th September
Home made pizzas for tea. We made little one's and everyone wanted different toppings on the two they were having. What a chore that was. In future they either make them themselves or they get one bigger one each.

268/365 - 25th September
My pumpkin is doing well. When I planted it earlier this year I didn't believe that it would be ready for October, coming from a seed but it's getting there. I don't think it's quite ready but I am keeping a close eye on it.

269/365 - 26th September
The Sage and onion pork meatballs were good, they were more filling than I thought they would be but they tasted and smelled amazing. They were a hit with the whole family and I will be making them again.

270/365 - 27th September
Ellie found her first conker of the season and then went out looking for more. She came home with pockets full! I found her some more when I was out and about on Thursday.

271/365 - 28th September
My big sunflowers are dying off but the little one's are still going strong! 

272/365 - 29th September
The Smyths catalogue arrived. I miss buying toys for my girls but there's still quite a few things out of it that they want including some reasonably priced Funko Pops.

273/365 - 30th September
Yesterday was a grey and damp day starting off very foggy. It didn't really get any brighter.

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  1. Yes it certainly had got cold....we were all layering up but then I gave in and put the heating on for the little one. Oh your pumpkin certainly is doing well!

  2. Well done on starting the christmas shopping. I need to as well, but just don't have any ideas - especially for N and the OH.

  3. Thisiswhereitisat4 October 2022 at 18:05

    My youngest wants a Funko Pop so badly X

  4. Your pumpkin looks amazing, well done! I started looking for Christmas gifts too, I even got one when I ordered something for me, I added an item for my husband too. :)

  5. The weather has definitely turned autumnal now. We’re back in winter pjs now. Your pumpkin looks like its growing well. Those sage and onion pork meatballs look delicious. We love finding conkers at this time of year – not found any yet though. Our Smyths catalogue arrived last week but I haven’t shown it to Sophie yet! She loves going through it. #project365

  6. My daughter is only 10 and not so into toys any more :( even Zach is more interested in games! Ironically it is Matthew who is 12 who still loves Jurassic Park toys! Not even thought about Christmas yet!!! #project365

  7. I'm feeling the cold outside right now, b ut not in the house, we've only tested the heating was working fully so far

  8. We have been collecting conkers as the kids are having a conker championship at scouts. It is still fairly mild here, so no thoughts of putting the heating on yet