Saturday 15 October 2022

Week 41 of #Project365 8th - 14th October. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Saturday! I hope you have all had a good week. We have here, nothing much to write about but it has been a good one. It's been one of those where we've just plodded on with life quite happily!

We don't have much planned for the weekend apart from the usual housework. Ellie and I were going to go into town but we have decided to wait as half term starts on Friday and it will be something to do during the school holidays.

Now for a photo every day!

Dyed hair and new shelves
More new shelves and cake
Fingerless mittens and my youngest
Silver coins

281/365 - 8th October
While I dyed my hair Becky did hers too, just the ends. She didn't manage to get all the blonde bits covered but it looks better than it did.

282/365 - 9th October
Stu decided that he was going to make some shelves to put in the wasted space in the kitchen. We've had various things there in the past but they kept getting kicked out of place when we would go into the kitchen. He made these shelves from an old book case and curtain pole. In hindsight he should have painted them before putting them up. 

283/365 - 10th October
More new shelves but this time in the living room. I have wanted some there since we moved in but never got around to getting them until a couple of weeks ago. Stu put them up on Monday. I just wished I'd bought 2 more for the other side of the fireplace, now they're out of stock. Hmmf.

284/365 - 11th October
Fondant Fancies are probably my favourite cakes, they remind me of parties that I used to go to when I was a kid. I love them at this time of year when the orange flavour is available.

285/365 - 12th October
I bought these fingerless mittens from Anne who blogs at Raisie Bay! She has an Etsy Shop and sells her crochet items. There is some gorgeous items but these mittens are fantastic for keeping my hands warms when I am on my laptop and don't want to put the heating on.

286/365 - 13th October
Ellie had a quick change out of her uniform and went to meet her friends to go to the careers fair at school. Parents were invited but I think I have all the info I need about life after school from the various college visits, leaflets and chats over the last few years. She had a great time, learned nothing new but did get a bag full of pens and leaflets.

287/365 - 14th October
Ellie raided my purse for some money to spend on sweets at the shop. I didn't have much change and certainly wasn't giving her a £20 note or my bank card like she asked for. lol

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  1. I used to love fondant fancies too - I reckon they taste too sweet nowadays though. The shelves look good. Love the colour of the mittens. I have some turtle doves that I wear while working.

  2. Shelves are a great way to add storage w/o using floor space. I've added shelves in both bedrooms. I like the blue ends of her hair - it's different

  3. Love the peacock blue hair, wish I was brave enough to do mine!! Who doesn't love a fondant fancy!!

  4. Love the gorgeous hair colours. I never seem to have enough shelves...! #project365

  5. Becky's hair looks cool! Loving the new shelves and I like the look of those mittens!

  6. Love to have new shelves made and put up. Love those fingerless mittens – so pretty. I will have to check out Anne’s Etsy shop. #project365

  7. I always think it looks quite cool just having the ends dyed! I am tempted to have it done one day. It's great that Stu is quite handy in the house. Always good to have extra storage.I love the lemon flavour not sure I have tried the orange ones. Fab fingerless gloves, I am getting so cold at work I could do with getting some.