Tuesday 11 October 2022

(Ad - Gifted) The card game Zombie Kittens! - Review!

We are at that time of year where the games come out on an evening, especially a Saturday when we're all home. We are always on the look out for new games to add to our collection so when I got the chance to try out Zombie Kittens I jumped at the chance.

Zombie Kittens card game box
Zombie Kittens is an undead twist on the original Exploding Kittens game that keeps every player involved in the game, dead or alive, until the very end. The last player alive wins!

Give “nine lives” a whole new meaning. In Zombie Kittens, exploding just means you’ll have a chance to rise from the grave and take your revenge. Bring back your friends (and enemies) in this undead spin on your favorite Russian Roulette style kitten card game.

Inside Zombie Kittens card game box

In the deck of cards are some Exploding Kittens. You play the game by putting the deck face down and taking turns drawing cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten. When that happens, that person explodes and they are out of the game (for now).

There are 61 original cards with brand new illustrations and they give you powerful tools to help you avoid exploding! The cards are very cute, not scary at all but they really can change the game. hehehe. This process continues until there's only 1 player left who wins the game.

More Zombie Kittens cards

The rules how to play are pretty daunting when you look at the instruction sheet and it took us a little while to understand them but after watching a video of how to play and just getting on with the game we soon got the hang of it.

This really is a fun game for ages seven plus. You can play Zombie Kittens by itself with up to 5 players or combine with any other version of Exploding Kittens to unlock a mega game for up to 9 players. Each game lasts around 15 minutes but can last longer if you have a family who like to try to cheat and argue like I do. lol

This is a great game for any time of the year but in the run up to Halloween it could be extra fun. You can buy Zombie Kittens from Amazon or the Exploding Kittens website for around £19.99.

No kittens were harmed in the making of this game or the writing of this blog post. hehehe

We were sent the Zombie Kittens card game free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh amazing! I have a confession, despite wanting to, we've not played Exploding Kittens yet- it sounds great and I bought it for my niece one year but not for us yet. Love the sound of Zombie Kittens! The game would definitely last longer in our house too! ;-) Thanks sharing xxx

  2. I've never played the Exploding Kittens game but love finding new games to play! Thanks for sharing about this one!

  3. This sounds like a fun game. I love playing games but I’m not very patient when it comes to reading the instructions. It’s handy to have the video to explain the rules. Haha! I’m so glad no kittens were harmed lol!!!

  4. If you saw my post today about what I am scared of, I mentioned something I cant say the Z word is that. I literally have nightmares if I hear the word

  5. That sounds like a fun variation of Exploding Kittens! My boys LOVED that game for years and we played it a lot.

  6. This is our type of game! It looks like loads of fun, and the perfect after dinner/before bedtime card game to play with the whole family. #blogtober22

  7. It sounds like a fun game, I find the best way to learn how to play is to just get right in and start playing. The instruction sheets can be complicated. xx

  8. We have this too. It's good fun isn't it?! I did laugh, because we are exactly the same here, there's always an argument or somebody cheating! Haha. xx