Saturday 29 October 2022

Week 43 of #Project365 22nd - 28th October. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Saturday! I hope you have all had a good week. We have here, it has been half term so there has been a good mix of fun, days out and relaxing. I even managed a lie on on Thursday. Ellie and I didn't get up until after 10am. Becky was already up as she had another driving lesson which went really well. She had the experience of driving in the rain and she feels like she learned a lot.

We don't have much planned for the weekend. I think we are just going to have a chilled one before next week and things get busy for us. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas shopping, the Christmas lights being switched on really early in our little town, meals out, my birthday, the World Cup starting and goodness knows what else. I am very excited for November and even more so after yesterday and Stu rang to say he'd taken some holidays as he has a lot and they're not allowed to take any from the middle of November until February because it's their busiest time. He's took 3 days off but actually gets 5 with his normal days off. Hooray!

Now for a photo every day!

Cupboard under the stairs and Reese's chocolate
Plate of food and Autumn leaves
Hole in fireplace and my girls
Body book

295/365 - 22nd October
I cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs. I do it every year when the boiler man is due to do the gas safety check. Decluttering also makes room for me to put Christmas things. The food drinks and sweets that I want no one to touch until December.

296/365 - 23rd October
I was very disappointed when I opened my Reese's pumpkins and they didn't have faces on them. Hmmf.

297/365 - 24th October
We went to the all you can eat place in Hull and we all ate until we couldn't anymore. Becky missed out as she was sleeping for a night shift but has said when we go Christmas shopping in November she is going to treat me to a meal there as an early birthday treat.

298/365 - 25th October
It is looking very Autumnal now. The trees are losing all of their leaves.

299/365 - 26th October
The boiler man was here checking all of our gas appliances. He had the fire off the wall doing some checks, I was so ashamed of the dust but in my defence we can't get under the fire to clean it.

300/365 - 27th October
I convinced the girls to wear coats when they were on their way out as it was chucking it down. About 15 minutes after they left the rain stopped and the sun came out. I thought they would be grumpy with me making them wear their coats but thankfully it started raining again later in the afternoon. hehehe

301/365 - 28th October
I was sent a book to feature on my blog and will be next week. Body by James Davies. It is the ultimate guide to preventing pain and fuelling your body to its fullest potential. It is very interesting.

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  1. What a busy week with a mixture of things to make it interesting.

  2. Nice that Stu's got some time off. N's the same with coats. Hates wearing one, especially when it then brightens up.

  3. Nice to hear that Stu has managed to get some time off, he's earned it.
    Well done on cleaning the cupboard under the stairs. We used to have a walk in pantry in our old house and everything was thrown in there!
    I love all of the autumn colours it's so pretty.
    The book sounds interesting. I've just started a new one today and it's really good so far. I love when I get a bit of time for myself, although it's not very often! xx

  4. I would be disappointed about the no faces on the Reeces pumpkin too! I need to declutter our cupboard but Minu makes it difficult to get anything done.

  5. You are right, the biscuits without a face on them are disappointing. The book sounds really interesting.

  6. Thisiswhereitisat2 November 2022 at 15:51

    Yum love Reeses pieces X

  7. I'm not sure I have any expectation of chocolate other than for it to taste good.Glad Becky enjoyed her driving lesson. Sounds like a busy month ahead also, hope Stu enjoyed his time off and you didn't rope him into cleaning out the cupboard hee hee

  8. I LOVE Reece's, didn't see the pumpkins though. Well done on the driving lesson, I am not keen on driving in the rain, but it's a skill that you need in this country

  9. Glad you had a good half-term. I’d have been disappointed by the lack of faces on the Reese’s pumpkins as well. That Chinese from the all you can eat place looks delicious. I don’t think the dust under the fire is anything to be embarrassed about – it’s impossible to clean under things like that no matter how thorough you are with housecleaning. Glad Becky's driving lessons are going well. #project365

  10. My kids get annoyed when I force them to take a coat each day and it warms up so they have to carry it! What a swizz that the pumpkins didn't have faces like the packaging suggests. #project365